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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access


I bring along Chris Ayala's review of Quarriors from WizKids as well as the latest news from HerUniverse, Magic: The Gathering, DriveThruCards, Victory Point Games and more!…
This week, Elliott had a chance to talk to Game Designer Mike Elliott. Mike has designed games like Quarriors, Thunderstone, and Star Trek Fleet Captains. Mike has also worked on many trading card games like Magic the Gathering and Duel Masters (now Kaijudo). They'll talk about Mike's games, the com…
Quarriors! expands this week with Quarmaggedon from WizKids. The expansion brings more creatures, more spells, and more dice! There are even new rules incorporated into the base game and you can find those here. MSRP for the expansion is $44.99.From WizKids:Qua-Boom! After an epic battle bet…
June 2012 brings all new options to Quarriors and even more powerful creatures and spells to use to lay the smackdown on your opponents. WizKids has announced a second expansion to Quarriors! The Dice Building Game... Quarmageddon.From WizKids:Qua-Boom! After an epic battle between Quaxos an…
Coming soon, in theory this month, from WizKids is the Quarriors! Rise of the Demons expansion. It was due out on November 9th, but it's a little late for that.…
Wizkids has announced the upcoming release of Quarriors! A dynamic dice game featuring the worlds first dice building strategy.…

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