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Defenders #1 (Marvel)
Avengers Tech-Oh and Defenders launch for Marvel this week as America Chavez: Made in the U.S.A. wraps and more Runaways and X-Force hit stands.…
Shang-Chi #1 (Marvel)
This week sees Marvel premieres of Fantastic Four Life Story and Shang-Chi as fresh issues of The Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America, and Runaways arrive.…
Demon Days: X-Men #1 (Marvel)
This week sees more King in Black titles from Marvel as America Chavez: Made in the U.S.A. and Demon Days: X-Men premiere.…
A big Marvel line up this week including the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion - Jabba the Hutt one shot and new issues of Avengers, Doctor Strange, Runaways, and Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.…
Venom: First Host #1 (Marvel)
This week Marvel launches Hunt for Wolverine: Dead Ends, Venom: First Host, and Web of Venom: Ve'Nam as the latest Extermination and Runaways hit your FLCS. …
Star Wars #40 (Marvel)
Get ready for lots of Marvel action this week with the newest issues of The Amazing Spider-Man, The Punisher, Runaways, and Star Wars among the highlights hitting stores.…
Runaways #1 (Marvel)
Marvel has plenty to peruse this week with the launches of Runaways and Secret Empire: Omega as well as more of The Defenders and Star Wars hitting your FLCS.…
Thors #1 (Marvel Comics)
The hot pick this week from Marvel is undoubtedly the launch of Thors but there's plenty of other action cooking with the launch of Squadron Sinister as well as the reboot of Runaways.…

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