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Helm Greycastle #1 (Image Comics)
This week sees the premiere of Helm Greycastle from Image as new issues of Crossover, Deadly Class, Shadecraft, and Spawn hit your FLCS.…
Shadecraft #1 (Image Comics)
Image Comics launches Shadecraft this week as new issues of Crossover, Spawn, and Two Moons rock and roll on into your FLCS.…
Stray Dogs #1 (Image Comics)
A big week for Image Comics includes launches of Stray Dogs and Two Moons alongside fresh Crossover, Monstress, Nomen Omen, and Spawn.…
Monstress 31
Image rolls out new issues of The Department of Truth, Monstress, Nailbiter Returns, Nomen Omen, Post Americana, and Spawn this week.…
The Scumbag #3 (Image Comics)
A solid slate from Image this week which includes new Family Tree, Killadelphia, The Scumbag, Spawn, and Undiscovered Country heading into your FLCS.…
Monstress Talk-Stories #1 (Image Comics)
Plenty on tap from Image this week including the premiere of Monstress Talk-Stories and new Chu, Department of Truth, Scumbag, and Spawn. …
Sex Criminals #69 (Image Comics)
This week brings the series finale of Sex Criminals with new issues of Chu, Department of Truth, and Spawn also among the Image offerings.…
The Department of Truth #1 (IDW Publishing)
Image launches The Department of Truth next week while both The Ludocrats and Mirka Andolfo’s Mercy conclude and new Killadelphia and Spawn hit shelves.…
Spawn #308 (Image Comics)
There's plenty to choose from Image this week including the launch of Lost Soldiers, the Hedra one-shot, and fresh Ascender, Black Magick, and Spawn.…
That Texas Blood #1 (Image Comics)
That Texas Blood launches for Image this week as Outer Darkness/Chew wraps and Middlewest, Nomen Omen, Sex Criminals, and Spawn carry on.…
Undiscovered Country #5 (Image Comics)
Next week Image drops fresh issues of Bitter Root, Middlewest, Spawn, Tartarus, and Undiscovered Country.…
On The Stump #1 (Image Comics)
On The Stump launches for Image this week as more Bitter Root, Deadly Class, Spawn, and Undiscovered Country make their way into your FLCS.…
Spawn #304 (Image Comics)
Next week Image rolls out new issues of Hit-Girl Season Two, Lucy Claire: Redemption, Pretty Violent, Spawn, and Undiscovered Country.…
Image launches Undiscovered Country this week as Space Bandits wraps and more Deadly Class, Nomen Omen, and Spawn arrive at your FLCS.…
Sonata #5 (Image Comics)
Image brings you more Battlepug, Coffin Bound, Ice Cream Man, Sonata, and Spawn this week.…
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