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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

Steve Carey

In Malta Besieged 1940-1942, the player takes the role of Commonwealth Commander defending against the Axis onslaught in the Mediterranean.…
Jeff takes on the latest WWII States of Siege game from Steve Carey, That Scorpion of the Sea - Malta Besieged: 1940-1942.…
This is certainly a wargame release I've been looking forward to and our show listeners know I've mentioned the title an a couple of occasions. It's That Scorpion of the Sea: Malta Besieged from Charles S. Roberts winner, Steve Carey! Oh yeah! I'm gonna get my hands on this!Here's the scoop from…
Victory Point Games has announced a tentative release date for Steve Carey’s That Scorpion of the Sea: Malta Besieged as December 15th. This is another in the extremely popular States of Siege line from VPG while Steve's previous We Must Tell the Emperor was an excellent game means I am really looki…
We Must Tell the Emperor (Victory Point Games)
Jeff shares why it’s obvious We Must Tell the Emperor is the top selling game over at Victory Point Games.…
In a special edition of the podcast, Jeff talks with the gang from Victory Point Games at last weekend's ConSimWorld Expo 2011.Join Terry Coleman, Hermann Luttman, John Welch, Steve Carey, and Alan Emrich as each sits down with Jeff to discuss various aspects of VPG as well as their own personal…

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