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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

Twilight Imperium

Twilight Inscription Splash
Fantasy Flight Games will be releasing the hotly anticipated Twilight Inscription next month.…
Rex: Final Days of an Empire, with a design based upon the mechanics of the highly sought after Avalon Hill board game classic Dune, has released from Fantasy Flight Games and should be currently arriving in stores.From FFG:The Age of Twilight began with a small conflict over the Quann passa…
For those, like me, who have never played Twilight Imperium because it has gotten pretty scarce on store shelves, there is some good news. Fantasy Flight Games is expecting the reprint of Twilight Imperium Third Edition to land on US shores in September.…
Among the titles Fantasy Flight Games announced at Gen Con this year are a rerelease of a classic and a new addition to the Twilight Imperium setting which is a revamp of yet another long out of print, highly sought after game. First up is the 1980s Tom Jolly design, Wiz-War.…
Fantasy Flight Games has announced Shards of the Throne, an expansion for Twilight Imperium.…

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