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Tag: Undiscovered Country

Image Comics for September 13th, 2023

Creepshow premieres for Image Comics this week as the latest issues of Cull, Dark Ride, I Hate Fairyland, and Undiscovered Country land on comic shop shelves.

The Scorched #1 (Image Comics)

Image Comics for January 12th, 2022

First issues of Joe Hill’s Rain and The Scorched arrive from Image Comics this week alongside fresh issues of The Good Asian and Undiscovered Country

The Scumbag #3 (Image Comics)

Image Comics for December 23rd, 2020

A solid slate from Image this week which includes new Family Tree, Killadelphia, The Scumbag, Spawn, and Undiscovered Country heading into your FLCS.

Sex Criminals #69 (Image Comics)

Image Comics for October 28th, 2020

This week brings the series finale of Sex Criminals with new issues of Chu, Department of Truth, and Spawn also among the Image offerings.

Low #25 (Image Comics)

Image Comics for September 23rd, 2020

Image brings a solid line up to your local shop next week including fresh Bliss, Gideon Falls, Low, Savage Dragon, and Undiscovered Country.

Lucy Claire: Redemption #5 (Image Comics)

Image Comics for August 5th, 2020

Next week Image Comics brings you fresh issues of Ice Cream Man, Lucy Claire: Redemption, On the Stump, Sex Criminals, Undiscovered Country, and more. 

Adventureman #1 (Image Comics)

Image Comics for June 10th, 2020

This week Image premieres Adventureman while bringing you more Bitter Root, Decorum, Ice Cream Man, Sonata, Undiscovered Country, and more!

On The Stump #1 (Image Comics)

Image Comics for February 19th, 2020

On The Stump launches for Image this week as more Bitter Root, Deadly Class, Spawn, and Undiscovered Country make their way into your FLCS.

Spawn #304 (Image Comics)

Image Comics for January 15th, 2020

Next week Image rolls out new issues of Hit-Girl Season Two, Lucy Claire: Redemption, Pretty Violent, Spawn, and Undiscovered Country.

Image Comics for November 6th, 2019

Image launches Undiscovered Country this week as Space Bandits wraps and more Deadly Class, Nomen Omen, and Spawn arrive at your FLCS.