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D&D Adventurers League at Dungeon Masters Guild
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Wyrd Games

2022 Black Friday feat
Here are the tabletop gaming deals Jeff's encountered for this year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday.…
Through the Breach Core Rules (Wyrd Games)
A new Bundle of Holding has arrived featuring a slew of roleplaying adventuring with Through the Breach from Wyrd Games.…
The Gaming Gang Dispatch 717
Jeff shares his thoughts about the preview copies he received of Thrones of Valeria and Dice Kingdoms of Valeria - now on Kickstarter - from Daily Magic Games.…
Vagrantsong (Wyrd Games)
Wyrd Games will be releasing an interesting looking cooperative horror board game this Fall in Vagrantsong.…
TGGD 688 Feat
Jeff takes a first look at both Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Power Behind the Throne and the Companion from Cubicle 7 Entertainment.…
Malifaux 3E Explorer Society Starter Box (Wyrd Games)
The Malifaux Explorer’s Society Starter Box, from Wyrd Games, contains four minis and all you need to lead the faction on the tabletop.…
Jeff takes a first look at Shamans from Studio H Games and Hachette Games. Plus the latest tabletop gaming news.…
2019 Black Friday Cyber Monday Sales
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are on the near horizon and the time is ripe to save loads of cash with special gaming deals.…
Through the Breach: The Badlands Invitational (Wyrd Games)
In The Badlands Invitational, the player characters are involved in an annual road race across a barren landscape but this year's event will be far more dangerous than those in the past.…
Through the Breach 2nd Edition (Wyrd Games)
Wyrd Games is readying the release of the second edition of the roleplaying game Through the Breach for this July.…
Malifaux 2E Rules (Wyrd Games)
Wyrd Games has posted the rules for their recently updated Malifaux: 2nd Edition for download through DriveThruRPG absolutely free.…

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