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Upcoming Conventions

This is a schedule of the game conventions we know about, some of which we plan to attend. We’re more than happy to help promote your convention so if you’d like to add your con to our list, please email Jeff. Use the format you see below and give us the needed info for us to post. We consider a convention as any gathering with a large number of gaming events and a projected attendance of 200 or more visitors.

Disclaimer: Obviously we offer this information as a service to the public and are in no way involved in any “official” capacity with the conventions below. This info is provided by convention organizers so TGG can’t be held responsible for errors, date or time changes, cancellations, meteor strikes, or acts of a vengeful deity which may or may not affect the scheduling of these events. Or, in other words, please contact the convention representative if you’re planning to attend!

Note: With the current Covid-19 pandemic raging, the 2021 convention season is once again completely up in the air. Once it becomes safe again for large groups to congregate, we’ll be bringing you the upcoming cons listing once again.

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