Thursday, February 22, 2018

Table Top Gaming

‘City of Gears’ Nears 500% in First Day on Kickstarter

Grey Fox Games launched their Kickstarter for the unique looking area control game City of Gears today and the project is already nearing 500% funding in its first seven hours.

Unboxing ‘Epic Card Game’ on The Daily Dope for February 20th,...

Jeff takes a look at the two to four player battler Epic Card Game from White Wizard Games. Plus the latest news from AEG, Grey Fox Games, Shades of Vengeance, Pandasaurus Games, Chaosium and more.

Scavenging Fun with Your Kids in ‘Trash Pandas’ From Gamewright

In Trash Pandas, two to four players will push their luck as they lead their raccoons through a rollicking dumpster dive.

Polish Your Disco Ball for ‘Smash Up: That 70’s Expansion’ Hitting...

AEG has a new expansion for Smash Up arriving in March and this time around the decade of the 1970's gets the tongue in cheek treatment.

‘Way of the Fighter’ Has Arrived from Soda Pop Miniatures and...

Soda Pop Miniatures and Ninja Division have a new arcade style fighting game, Way of the Fighter, which has arrived in stores.

‘Mystic Vale: Conclave’ is Coming from AEG This April

The latest expansion for the card crafting game Mystic Vale, from AEG, is on the horizon.

A First Look at ‘Wreck Age: Second Edition’ on The Daily...

Jeff takes a look at the new rule book for the post-apocalyptic miniatures game Wreck Age from Hyacinth Games. Plus the latest gaming news.

Battle Evil Supers in Brandon Sanderson’s ‘The Reckoners’ Board Game on...

In The Reckoners, a team of ordinarily skilled humans will look to take down evil super-powered villains as they aim to free the city of Newcago from the iron fist of Steelheart.

‘Eldritch Horror: Masks of Nyarlathotep’ Now Available from Fantasy Flight Games

In Masks of Nyarlathotep, one to eight players will look to thwart the nefarious Messenger of the Outer Gods in order to prevent a world shattering return of one of the Ancient Ones.

Unboxing ‘The Agents’ on The Daily Dope for February 16th, 2018

Jeff takes a look at what you'll find with The Agents from Ninja Division. Plus the latest news from Fantasy Flight Games, Nauvoo Games, Fangoria, Steve Jackson Games, and more.


Unboxing ‘Chariots of Rome’ on The Daily Dope for February 21st,...

Join Jeff for another wargame Wednesday with an unboxing of Chariots of Rome from Victory Point Games. Plus the latest gaming/geek culture news.