Holy Arena Shows Batman! Batman Live Hitting the U.S.

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What’s that? You say you need more Batman? If the comics, movies, or animated series simply aren’t enough then you may be interested in checking out Batman Live! The show that has wowed audiences throughout Europe and Latin America will soon make it’s way to the Caped Crusader’s country of origin. The tour kicks off in Anaheim, CA September 5th and continues throughout the U.S. (although the locales really leave me scratching my head) through October 2012. More cities will be announced and I’d like to see either Phoenix or Chicago added to the list.

From the DC Comics press release:

“Batman is more than a comic book character, he’s a cultural phenomenon.  We are excited to bring him and his world to the stage, live, for the very first time with this incredible arena show,” said Brad Globe, President, Warner Bros. Consumer Products. “In fewer than four years, the show has gone from concept on paper to successfully touring through Europe and Latin America.  It is now our very special privilege to bring this show to the United States and North America – home to Batman and Robin.”

“What is compelling about Batman is that he’s one of the rare super heroes who actually doesn’t have super powers – he’s human just like you or me,” said Jim Lee, Co-Publisher, DC Entertainment.  “But through sheer determination, he has honed his mind and body to a level that makes him second to none and that’s an aspiration we can all relate to and be inspired by.  To that end, this spectacular live show delivers an amazingly authentic experience which actually underscores how real Batman could be while entertaining both parents and kids alike.”

“There’s no place on earth that doesn’t know who Batman is – he’s not just one of the most iconic super heroes ever created – he is one of the most iconic characters in history – and has had more stories told about him than just about any other character, period,” said Geoff Johns, Chief Creative Officer, DC Entertainment.  “What’s cool to me about BATMAN LIVE is that when you first come into the arena you see the three-dimensional cityscape and you hear the sounds of the city – you‘re really entering Gotham in a way you can’t experience anywhere else.  You are an active participant in the story and a real part of Batman’s world.”

You can find out more about the show through the press release link above but here’s a taste of the show to quicken your pulse.