Can ‘Gambit’ Fight His Way into Widespread Release Worldwide?

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Gambit Art #1 (Marvel)A masterful X-Men movie is about to launch!

What Is Gambit’s Calling Card?

Marvel Comics fans are in for a roller coaster ride now that word of Gambit’s cinematic debut has gotten out. Born Remy Etienne LeBeau, this mutant goes by many names, including Cajun, Robert Lord and Le Diable Blanc. Kidnapped as a young child, and raised by the New Orleans Thieves’ Guild, the child quickly became a master thief and card player. At the tender age of 10, he tried snatching valuables from the inimitable Jean-Luc LeBeau.

He was then adopted by LeBeau and married off to the daughter of the rival Assassins Guild. Rumour has it that Gambit killed his wife’s brother and was banished from the scene. A mutant on the run, with an exceptional mastery of gambling and card games, Gambit used his explosive kinetic energy powers to ward off the competition. Gambit entered into an unholy alliance with a geneticist named Sinister who helped him to control his powers – indebting him for life.

After many street battles and assassinations, Gambit finally meets up with the powerful Storm of the X-Men. Soon, Professor Charles Xavier admitted Gambit into his X-Men league of mutants. Gambit fell in love with a fellow X-Man, Rogue. Their love would forever be condemned by her inability to touch him, owing to her powerful mutant abilities to absorb other people’s feelings, thoughts and abilities.

How Powerful is Gambit?

This riveting story unfolds at a furious pace, with many twists and turns taking place. The notorious Magneto and his crew feature prominently with Gambit as he vacillates between good and bad in one of the most complex X-Men stories of all time.

Gambit Art #2 (Marvel)For superhero fans who don’t know too much about Gambit, here’s a quick rundown of his attributes and abilities. He weighs in at 179 pounds with fiery red eyes, at a height of 6’1”. Perfectly fluent in French and English, Gambit is extraordinarily talented with throwing inanimate objects such as poker playing cards.

His abilities are awesome; explosive kinetic energy by touching objects such as his deck of cards and slinging them with exponential energy. His powers are limited to inanimate objects, and even with a portion of his brain being removed by the master geneticist, Sinister he is still a major force to be reckoned with.

He’s immune to the advances of anyone trying to tap into his mind, and he has incredible hypnotic powers over sentient minds. His mental powers allow him to pull pocket rockets in games of poker, and even to keep a poker face when he’s holding a poor hand. He can make most anyone believe what he’s saying, but powerful X-Men are immune to his charms. There are two primary weapons that Gambit is partial to; his telescopic bo staff and his deck of playing cards. As a young man growing up on the streets among thieves and gamblers, Gambit perfected his card playing skills. He routinely charges Aces and Kings with maximum kinetic energy and shoots them with explosive force at his opponents. Gambit’s online poker prowess is unparalleled, and when he debuts on the big screen fans will get to see just how skilled a card player this X-Man really is.

Are There Any Details of Gambit the Movie?

Recent reports confirm that Gambit, the movie is being actively developed. The producer of the up-and-coming X-Men movie, Hutch Parker is confident that this highly anticipated X-Men flick will hit the big screens in much the same way as Deadpool eventually broke major box office records. None other than Channing Tatum will star in this anticipated Hollywood blockbuster. Like so many other movies of similar ilk, Gambit has stopped and started many times along the way. Already, Doug Liman and Rupert Wyatt dropped out of contention as directors of the Gambit movie since it was taking so long to complete. News of this film’s imminent release is no bluff. However, the financial backers – Lauren Shuler and Simon Kinberg are determined to make it happen.

Producer Simon Kinberg is forging ahead with his plans to bring this iconic story to the big screen. Consider that Deadpool was 10 years in the making, and when it was released, it was received with rapturous applause. In the summer of 2016, the producer had this to say about Gambit when he was talking to Slashfilm, ‘… I think the truth is when you have these movies, that you need a very special and unique tone. It takes a little while to find that tone.’

Of course, fans and filmmakers alike are hoping that Gambit doesn’t take a decade to be produced. The makers of this X-Men masterpiece want to ensure that the ‘right voice’ is found for Gambit so that it resonates in the screenplay as it does in the comic books. Hutch Parker acknowledges that the film may be behind the 8 ball, but it’s very much a work in progress. When exactly will Gambit be released? It’s all a matter of scheduling. There are at least 3 X-Men movies due out in 2018, meaning that if Gambit gets greenlighted, it’ll only be around 2019 or the year after before we get to see Channing Tatum’s eyes light up in blazing red with his bo staff and a deck of cards charged with massive kinetic energy!

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