Thursday, August 17, 2017

Tag: Elliott Miller


Elliott Miller and Jeff McAleer to Re-Team for New Gaming Podcast

I'm happy to announce something which both Elliott Miller (Voice of E) and I have been bouncing around for the past few months will be coming to fruition this August.

What Kind of Dragon are You? Take the “How to Train...

Want to know what kind of dragon you are most like? Well, at least in the "How to Train Your Dragon" pantheon of dragons....

Win A Steven Spielberg/Harrison Ford Signed Raiders Of The Lost Ark...

AMC Theaters is running a sweepstakes to win a Raiders of the Lost Arc poster signed by both Spielberg and Harrison Ford.Steven Spielberg and...

Cut! Print! That’s a Wrap: A Review of ‘Flat Acting’

Flat Acting from Eye-Level Entertainment is an interesting game of moving actors from movie set to movie set trying to put together the best movies that you can, while your opponents are trying to do the same.

We’re Off to See the Wizard: A Review of ‘Oz Fluxx’

This is my second dip into the Fluxx universe and this time I’m headed over the rainbow. Oz Fluxx is the latest incarnation of the game of Fluxx. If you can’t tell from the title, Oz Fluxx has all the trappings of the Emerald City.

Catan Junior Available April 26th

Mayfair Games says that Catan Junior will be available on April 26th. It's a new Catan Game for ages 5 and up. So now...

New Wings of Glory WW2 Game for iPad and iPhone

Ares Games announced today Wings of Glory will be coming to iPad and iPhone by the end of this year. What? No love for...

A Visit to Lovecraft Country

The Gaming Gang's own Elliott Miller has made his first appearance as a guest reader on the HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast with Chad Fifer and Chris Lackey.

The Miller Family Game Weekend

Elliott is holding his first Miller Family Game Weekend this Saturday and Sunday and I, for one, am wishing him loads of success. I know if I were still back in the Chicago area I'd have headed out to play games all weekend long.