Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tag: GMT Games


Outside the Box: ‘Enemy Coast Ahead – The Doolittle Raid’

Jeff takes a look at the new solitaire wargame Enemy Coast Ahead - The Doolittle Raid from GMT. Take on the planning and execution of the famous U.S. retaliatory strike against Japan on April 18th, 1941.

Outside the Box: ‘Holland ’44’ From GMT Games

Jeff shows off the latest wargame from GMT Games. Holland '44 simulates the critical first seven days of Operation Market-Garden during September of 1944.

Outside the Box: ‘Illusions of Glory’ from GMT Games

Jeff takes everything from GMT's new card driven strategic level WWI game, Illusions of Glory, outside the box.

‘Fields of Fire Second Edition’ Storming Into Game Stores

If you're looking for a truly challenging, tactical level solitaire WWII title then look no further than Fields of Fire Second Edition from GMT.

Don’t Miss Our Exclusive September Patreon Giveaways: ‘Space Empires 4X’ and...

For September 2017 we have Patreon giveaways of Space Empires 4X and Tomb of Annihilation!

‘Enemy Coast Ahead: The Doolittle Raid’ Has Landed for GMT

Players will have an opportunity to immerse themselves into the historical narrative surrounding the April 1942 U.S. strike against mainland Japan following the Pearl Harbor attack four months earlier.

Outside the Box: ‘1960 – The Making of the President’

Jeff unboxes the new edition of 1960: The Making of the President from GMT. This two player game simulates the presidential campaigns of John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon leading up to the pivotal 1960 election.

New Edition of ‘1960: The Making of the President’ Now Hitting...

The all-new GMT edition of the award winning 1960: The Making of the President is now arriving at your FLGS.

Tackle Roman Turmoil in Deck-Builder ‘Time of Crisis’ from GMT

Time of Crisis allows two to four players to control factions of Third Century Rome as each aims to weather the storm of barbarian invasion and intrigue as the Roman Empire slips into decline.

‘Pericles: The Peloponnesian Wars’ Now Available from GMT

Pericles: The Peloponnesian Wars 460-400 B.C. is now available from our pals at GMT Games and places up to four players in the roles of leading Athens and Sparta across a period of sixty years.