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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

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Elliott and I got to take a peek at one of the hottest new family/hobby items hitting retailers and booksellers, Square Shooters. As you'll hear, this is a perfect quick dice game that will appeal to even non-gamers while you're kicking back on your summer getaways.…
2011 Timothy Zahn
In a special edition of the podcast, Jeff and Elliott talk with acclaimed science fiction author, Timothy Zahn, at last weekend's Origins 2011.Timothy shares details about writing in the Star Wars universe as well as his Cobra series. You'll learn what's on the horizon from one of the convention…
In a special edition of the podcast, Jeff talks with Jim Dietz from Jolly Roger Games at last weekend's Origins 2011.Jim talks all things Jolly Roger including Founding Fathers, Pirates vs. Dinosaurs, Free at Last and lots more!…
Lt to Rt: Tim Allen, Chris Taylor, Hermann Luttman, Terry Coleman, Lance McMillan, Josh Gottesman, Steve Carey, Alan Emrich, Jack Beckman, and John Welch
In a special edition of the podcast, Jeff talks with the gang from Victory Point Games at last weekend's ConSimWorld Expo 2011.Join Terry Coleman, Hermann Luttman, John Welch, Steve Carey, and Alan Emrich as each sits down with Jeff to discuss various aspects of VPG as well as their own personal…
Elliott and Jeff are back and they're in their usual form - We're not sure if that's a good or bad thing...On the gaming table, for review this time around, is Faux-Cabulary from Out of the Box Publishing, as well as War of Honor and Nightfall: Martial Law, both from AEG.Jeff shares his thou…
Memorial Day 2011 brings you the latest edition of our podcast!On the gaming table, for review this time around, is Disaster on K2 from Victory Point Games, Those Pesky Humans from Minion Games, The Lord of the Rings Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games, as well as Fighting Formations: Grossdeuts…
It was a lovely Saturday afternoon (at least in Arizona) as Elliott and Jeff record yet another relatively irrelevant episode. After a look at the latest gaming news, Elliott is joined by Dr. Scott Nicholson of On Board Games (and, the unfortunately the no longer in production, Board Games with Scot…
Easter Sunday brought about the latest episode as the boys take a look at Circus Train from Victory Point Games  and Nuclear War from Flying Buffalo Games.Justin De Witt and Anne-Marie De Witt, creators of Bloodsuckers coming in June from Fireside Games, stop by to visit with Elliott on the late…
It took a while but it's time for a new episode with reviews of The Golden City from Z-Man Games and Final Frontier from Victory Point Games.David Brashaw and Leonard Boyd visit, from across the pond with Elliott to discuss designing the upcoming Discworld themed Z-Man release, Guards! Guards! …
A quick turn around as the boys are back with a really big show with reviews of Shake 'n Take from Out of the Box, I Say, Holmes from Victory Point Games, and All Things Zombie from Lock 'n Load.Lock 'n Load Publishing's very own Mark Walker joins Jeff to share his thoughts on the company and ga…
The boys are back (after a week's delay) and they have a super huge, jumbo edition of the show with reviews of TC Tennis from Victory Point Games, Nightfall from AEG, and Paths of Glory from GMT.AEG's very own Todd Rowland joins Jeff to talk all things Alderac Entertainment including Nightfall, …
You can get an interesting behind the scenes look at how Train of Thought came to fruition by checking out Jason Cormier's blog, From Inspiration to Publication.…

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