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Batman/Superman premieres for DC this week alongside the latest Action Comics, Detective Comics, Justice League, and Wonder Woman.


Action Comics #1014 (Cover A Brandon Peterson), $3.99
Action Comics #1014 (Cover B Ben Oliver), AR
Batgirl #38 (Cover A Carmine Di Giandomenico), $3.99
Batgirl #38 (Cover B Joshua Middleton Card Stock Variant), AR
Batman Beyond #35 (Cover A Chris Samnee), $3.99
Batman Beyond #35 (Cover B Chris Stevens), AR
Batman Curse Of The White Knight #2 (Of 8)(Cover A Sean Murphy), $4.99
Batman Curse Of The White Knight #2 (Of 8)(Cover B Sean Murphy), AR
Batman Superman #1 (Cover A David Marquez Batman Variant), $3.99
Batman Superman #1 (Cover B David Marquez Superman Variant), AR
Batman Superman #1 (Cover C Leinil Francis Yu), AR
Batman Superman #1 (Cover D Blank Variant), AR
Batman Who Laughs HC, $29.99
Books Of Magic #11, $3.99
DC Previews #17 (September 2019), $1.25
Detective Comics #1010 (Cover A Jae Lee), $3.99
Detective Comics #1010 (Cover B Bryan Hitch), AR
Dial H For Hero #6 (Of 12), $3.99
Flash #77 (Cover A Rafa Sandoval & Jordi Tarragona), $3.99
Flash #77 (Cover B Yasmine Putri Card Stock Variant), AR
Freedom Fighters #8 (Of 12), $3.99
Harley And Ivy Meet Betty And Veronica TP, $16.99 
Harley Quinn Breaking Glass TP (DC Ink), $16.99
House Of Secrets #92 (Facsimile Edition), $3.99
Injustice 2 Volume 5 TP, $16.99
Justice League #30 (Cover A Francis Manapul), $3.99
Justice League #30 (Cover B Jay Anacleto Card Stock Variant), AR
Justice League Dark #14 (Cover A Guillem March), $3.99
Justice League Dark #14 (Cover B Clayton Crain), AR
Martian Manhunter #8 (Of 12)(Cover A Riley Rossmo), $3.99
Martian Manhunter #8 (Of 12)(Cover B Joshua Middleton), AR
Orion By Walter Simonson Volume 2 TP, $34.99 
Powers Volume 6 TP (New Edition), $39.99 
Red Hood Outlaw #37 (Cover A Kenneth Rocafort), $3.99
Red Hood Outlaw #37 (Cover B Philip Tan), AR
Superman #14 (Cover A Ivan Reis & Joe Prado Replacement Copy Variant), $3.99
Superman #14 (Cover B Adam Hughes Replacement Copy Variant), AR
Superman Of Smallville TP (DC Zoom), $9.99
Tales Of The Batman Gerry Conway Volume 3 HC, $49.99 
Terrifics #19 (Cover A Dan Mora), $3.99
Terrifics #19 (Cover B Arist Deyn), AR
Watchmen TP (New Edition), $24.99
Wonder Woman #77 (Cover A Jesus Merino), $3.99
Wonder Woman #77 (Cover B Jenny Frison), AR

Listing courtesy of ComicList.

Batman/Superman #1 (DC Comics)

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