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Sentima: Sundered Wilds Kickstarter

Image Comics for May 17th, 2023

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Image Comics kicks off Arcade Kings this week as Hexware draws to a close and more Dark Ride, The Last Barbarians, and No/One arrive in shops.


Ambassadors #2 (Of 6)(2nd Printing Special Edition Cover A Karl Kerschl), $4.99
Arcade Kings #1 (Of 5)(Cover A Dylan Burnett), $7.99
Arcade Kings #1 (Of 5)(Cover B Corey Lewis), $7.99
Arcade Kings #1 (Of 5)(Cover C Jordan Gibson), AR
Arcade Kings #1 (Of 5)(Cover D Dylan Burnett Black & White Variant), AR
Arcade Kings #1 (Of 5)(Cover E Blank Variant), AR
Dark Ride #6 (Cover A Andrei Bressan & Adriano Lucas), $3.99
Dark Ride #6 (Cover B Vincenzo Riccardi), $3.99
Dark Ride #6 (Cover C Paulina Ganucheau), $3.99
Dark Ride #6 (Cover D Tony Fleecs & Adrian Ropp), AR
Flawed Volume 1 TP, $14.99
Giant Kokju #2 (Of 3)(Cover A Scott Koblish), $3.99
Giant Kokju #2 (Of 3)(Cover B Mike Hawthorne), $3.99
Gunslinger Spawn #20 (Cover A Viktor Bogdanovic), $2.99
Gunslinger Spawn #20 (Cover B Mirko Colak), $2.99
Gunslinger Spawn Volume 2 TP, $16.99
Hexware #6 (Of 6)(Cover A Zulema Lavina), $3.99
Hexware #6 (Of 6)(Cover B Tim Seeley), $3.99
Hexware #6 (Of 6)(Cover C Francesca Ciregia), $3.99
Ice Cream Man #35 (Cover A Martin Morazzo & Chris O’Halloran), $3.99
Ice Cream Man #35 (Cover B Andrew Blucha), $3.99
Immortal Sergeant #5 (Of 9)(Cover A Ken Niimura), $3.99
Junk Rabbit #1 (Of 5)(2nd Printing Cover A Jimmie Robinson), $3.99
Last Barbarians #4 (Cover A Brian Haberlin), $3.99
Last Barbarians #4 (Cover B Brian Haberlin), $3.99
Last Barbarians #4 (Cover C Brian Haberlin & Geirrod Van Dyke), $3.99
Last Barbarians #4 (Cover D Brian Haberlin), $3.99
Last Barbarians #4 (Cover E Brian Haberlin), $3.99
Little Monsters #13 (Cover A Dustin Nguyen), $3.99
Little Monsters #13 (Cover B Jason Shawn Alexander), $3.99
Nemesis Reloaded #3 (Of 5)(2nd Printing Cover A Jorge Jimenez), $3.99
No/One #1 (Of 10)(3rd Printing Cover A Stephen Green & Mark Englert)(Massive-Verse), $3.99
No/One #2 (Of 10)(2nd Printing Cover A Goni Montes)(Massive-Verse), $3.99
No/One #3 (Of 10)(Cover A Geraldo Borges)(Massive-Verse), $3.99
No/One #3 (Of 10)(Cover B Danny Earls)(Massive-Verse), $3.99
No/One #3 (Of 10)(Cover C Mark Englert)(Massive-Verse), $3.99
Rogue Sun Volume 2 A Massive-Verse Book TP (Massive-Verse), $16.99
Walking Dead Deluxe #63 (Cover A David Finch & Dave McCaig), $3.99
Walking Dead Deluxe #63 (Cover B Charlie Adlard & Dave McCaig), $3.99
Walking Dead Deluxe #63 (Cover C Stephanie Hans), $3.99
Walking Dead Deluxe #63 (Cover D Julian Totino Tedesco), $3.99

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Arcade Kings #1 (Image Comics)

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