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This week sees Hell to Pay launch for Image Comics as fresh Blood Stained Teeth, Golder Rage, Old Dog, and That Texas Blood hit shops.


A Righteous Thirst For Vengeance Volume 2 TP, $16.99
Adventureman Volume 2 A Fairy Tale Of New York HC, $24.99
Antioch #2 (Cover A Marco Ferrari), $3.99
Blood Stained Teeth #6 (Cover A Christian Ward), $3.99
Blood Stained Teeth #6 (Cover B Michael Walsh), $3.99
Golden Rage #4 (Of 5)(Cover A Lauren Knight), $3.99
Golden Rage #4 (Of 5)(Cover B Maria Wolf & Mike Spicer), $3.99
Hell To Pay #1 (Cover A Dave Johnson), $3.99
Hell To Pay #1 (Cover B Will Sliney), $3.99
Hell To Pay #1 (Cover C Blank Variant), $3.99
Hell To Pay #1 (Cover D Will Sliney Horror Variant), AR
Hell To Pay #1 (Cover E Mike Del Mundo), AR
Hell To Pay #1 (Cover F Mahmud Asrar), AR
Hell To Pay #1 (Cover G Will Sliney Foil Variant), AR
Hellcop Volume 2 The Sasquatch War TP, $19.99
Ice Cream Man Volume 8 Subjects And Objects TP, $16.99
King Spawn #16 (Cover A Puppeteer Lee), $2.99
King Spawn #16 (Cover B Francesco Mattina), $2.99
Little Monsters #7 (Cover A Dustin Nguyen), $3.99
Little Monsters #7 (Cover B Rafael Albuquerque), $3.99
Old Dog #2 (Cover A Declan Shalvey), $3.99
Old Dog #2 (Cover B Greg Smallwood), $3.99
Old Dog #2 (Cover C Elsa Charretier), $3.99
That Texas Blood #19 (Cover A Jacob Phillips), $3.99
That Texas Blood #19 (Cover B Tonci Zonjic), $3.99
Time Before Time #18 (Cover A Declan Shalvey), $3.99
Time Before Time #18 (Cover B Lauren Knight), $3.99
Walking Dead Deluxe #50 (Cover A David Finch & Dave McCaig), $3.99
Walking Dead Deluxe #50 (Cover B Charlie Adlard & Dave McCaig Wraparound Variant), $3.99
Walking Dead Deluxe #50 (Cover C Tula Lotay), $3.99
Walking Dead Deluxe #50 (Cover D Julian Totino Tedesco), $3.99
Walking Dead Deluxe #50 (Cover E Charlie Adlard Wraparound Variant), $3.99
Walking Dead Deluxe #50 (Cover F Tonci Zonjic), $3.99
Walking Dead Deluxe #50 (Cover G Andy Kubert & Brad Anderson), $3.99

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Hell to Pay #1 (Image Comics)

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