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Marvel Comics for August 6th, 2014

While there’s a good number of issues arriving, this week is a little light on the must read titles from Marvel, but there’s still the latest Original Sin, Black Widow, and New Avengers to tide you over until hotter buys arrive later this month.


Amazing Spider-Man #1 (John Romita Jr. Silver Signature Edition)(Dynamic Forces), AR
Black Widow #9, $3.99 
Cyclops #3 (Paul Renaud Variant Cover), $3.99 
Daredevil #1 (Mark Waid Signed Edition)(Dynamic Forces), AR
Daredevil #1.50 (Mark Waid Signed Edition)(Dynamic Forces), AR
Deadpool Dracula’s Gauntlet #5 (Of 7), $3.99 
Dexter Down Under HC (Premiere Edition), $24.99 
Edge Of Spider-Verse Avengers Time Runs Out Mini-Poster (Promotional Item), AR
Figment #3 (Of 5), $3.99 
Fury MAX My War Gone By HC, $34.99 
Iron Fist The Living Weapon #5, $3.99 
Iron Man Volume 3 The Secret Origin Of Tony Stark Book 2 TP, $19.99 
Jeph Loeb And Tim Sale Yellow Blue And Gray HC, $75.00 
Kick-Ass 3 #8 (Of 8)(John Romita Jr. Sketch Variant Cover), AR
Kick-Ass 3 #8 (Of 8)(John S. Romita Jr. Regular Cover), $5.99 
Kick-Ass 3 #8 (Of 8)(Steve McNiven Variant Cover), AR
Legendary Star-Lord #2 (Ed McGuinness Variant Cover), AR
Legendary Star-Lord #2 (Paco Medina Regular Cover), $3.99 
March To Axis Postcard (Promotional Item), AR
Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble Volume 2 Digest TP, $9.99 
Marvels The Platinum Edition Slipcase HC, $200.00 
Miles Morales The Ultimate Spider-Man #4, $3.99 
Miracleman #9 (Adi Granov Variant Cover), AR
Miracleman #9 (Dave Marquez Variant Cover), AR
Miracleman #9 (Paul Renaud Variant Cover), AR
Miracleman #9 (Rick Veitch Regular Cover), $4.99 
Moon Knight #6, $3.99 
New Avengers #22 (Dale Keown Regular Cover), $3.99 
New Avengers #22 (Stephanie Hans Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Variant Cover), AR
New Warriors #8, $3.99 
Original Sin #3.1 (J.G. Jones 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99 
Original Sin #3.4 (Mark Bagley Regular Cover), $3.99 
Original Sin #5.3, $3.99 
Painkiller Jane The 22 Brides #2 (Of 3)(Jimmy Palmiotti & Victoria Pal Regular Cover), $3.99 
Painkiller Jane The 22 Brides #2 (Of 3)(Joseph Michael Linsner Variant Cover), AR
Punisher #9, $3.99 
Rocket Raccoon #2 (Ed McGuinness Variant Cover), AR
Rocket Raccoon #2 (Skottie Young Regular Cover), $3.99 
She-Hulk #7, $2.99 
Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #14, $3.99 
Superior Spider-Man #32 (Giuseppe Camuncoli Regular Cover), $4.99 
Superior Spider-Man #32 (Skottie Young Interlocking Variant Cover), AR
Thanos The Infinity Revelation HC, $24.99 
Uncanny X-Force By Rick Remender The Complete Collection Volume 1 TP, $39.99

Listing courtesy of ComicList.

Black Widow #9

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