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Marvel Comics for October 6th, 2021

Plenty of Marvel action on tap this week

This week Marvel rolls out new issues of The Amazing Spider-Man, Defenders, Hellions, New Mutants, and Savage Avengers.


Amazing Spider-Man #75 (Cover A Arthur Adams), $5.99
Amazing Spider-Man #75 (Cover B Patrick Gleason Webhead Variant), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #75 (Cover C Ron Frenz), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #75 (Cover D Ron Lim), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #75 (Cover E Skottie Young), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #75 (Cover F InHyuk Lee), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #75 (Cover G Alex Ogle), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #75 (Cover H Steve Ditko Hidden Gem Variant), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #75 (Cover I InHyuk Lee Virgin Variant), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #75 (Cover J Joe Jusko Marvel Masterpieces Variant), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #75 (Cover K Iban Coello Stormbreakers Venomized Variant), AR
Avengers Tech-On #3 (Of 6)(Cover A Eiichi Shimizu), $3.99
Avengers Tech-On #3 (Of 6)(Cover B Peach Momoko), AR
Captain Marvel #33 (Cover A Iban Coello), $3.99
Captain Marvel #33 (Cover B Gerald Parel Spoiler Teaser Variant), AR
Captain Marvel #33 (Cover C Joe Jusko Marvel Masterpieces Variant), AR
Champions #10 (Cover A Toni Infante), $3.99
Dark Ages #2 (Of 6)(Cover A Iban Coello), $3.99
Dark Ages #2 (Of 6)(Cover B Meghan Hetrick), AR
Dark Ages #2 (Of 6)(Cover C Bryan Hitch), AR
Dark Ages #2 (Of 6)(Cover D Ryan Stegman), AR
Darkhold Alpha #1 (Cover A Greg Smallwood), $4.99
Darkhold Alpha #1 (Cover B Superlog), AR
Darkhold Alpha #1 (Cover C Greg Smallwood), AR
Deadpool Black White And Blood #3 (Of 4)(Cover A Kev Walker), $4.99
Deadpool Black White And Blood #3 (Of 4)(Cover B Salvador Larroca), AR
Deadpool Black White And Blood #3 (Of 4)(Cover C Stan Sakai), AR
Defenders #3 (Of 5)(Cover A Javier Rodriguez), $3.99
Defenders #3 (Of 5)(Cover B Kevin Nowlan), AR
Defenders #3 (Of 5)(Cover C Joe Jusko Marvel Masterpieces Variant), AR
Eternals Celestia #1 (Cover A Esad Ribic), $3.99
Eternals Celestia #1 (Cover B Nelson Blake II), AR
Eternals Celestia #1 (Cover C Rob Liefeld Deadpool 30th Anniversary Variant), AR
Excalibur #24 (Cover A Mahmud A. Asrar), $3.99
Excalibur #24 (Cover B Rian Gonzales), AR
Excalibur #24 (Cover C Joe Jusko Marvel Masterpieces Variant), AR
Hellions #16 (Cover A Stephen Segovia), $3.99
Hellions #16 (Cover B Todd Nauck), AR
Hellions #16 (Cover C Joe Jusko Marvel Masterpieces Variant), AR
Killraven Epic Collection Volume 1 Warrior Of The Worlds TP (not verified by Diamond, $44.99
New Mutants #22 (Cover A Martin Simmonds), $3.99
New Mutants #22 (Cover B David Lopez), AR
Runaways By Rainbow Rowell Volume 6 Come Away With Me TP (not verified by Diamond, $24.99
Savage Avengers #25 (Cover A Valerio Giangiordano), $3.99
Savage Avengers #25 (Cover B Cory Smith), AR

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Defenders #3 (Marvel)

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