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Marvel Comics for September 29th, 2021

Plenty of action on tap from Marvel this week

Inferno premieres for Marvel as fresh issues of The Amazing Spider-Man, Black Cat, Marvels, and Star Wars are among the offerings this week.


Amazing Fantasy #3 (Of 5)(Cover A Kaare Andrews), $4.99
Amazing Fantasy #3 (Of 5)(Cover B Kaare Andrews), AR
Amazing Fantasy #3 (Of 5)(Cover C E.M. Gist), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #74 (Cover A Patrick Gleason), $9.99
Amazing Spider-Man #74 (Cover B Patrick Gleason Virgin Variant), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #74 (Cover C Mark Bagley), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #74 (Cover D Marcelo Ferreira), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #74 (Cover E Sara Pichelli Miles Morales 10th Anniversary Variant), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #74 (Cover F Federico Vicentini), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #74 (Cover G Peach Momoko), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #74 (Cover H Marco Checchetto), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #74 (Cover I Leinil Francis Yu), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #74 (Cover J Ron Frenz), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #74 (Cover K Alex Maleev), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #74 (Cover L Carlos E. Gomez), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #74 (Cover M Mike Dowling Foreshadow Variant), AR
Black Cat #10 (Cover A Pepe Larraz), $3.99
Black Cat #10 (Cover B Pepe Larraz), AR
Black Cat #10 (Cover C Emanuela Lupacchino Connecting Variant), AR
Black Cat #10 (Cover D Dike Ruan Miles Morales 10th Anniversary Variant), AR
Cable By Gerry Duggan Volume 2 TP, $17.99
Captain Marvel Volume 6 Strange Magic TP, $15.99
Darkhawk #2 (Of 5)(Cover A Iban Coello), $3.99
Darkhawk #2 (Of 5)(Cover B Ron Lim), AR
Darkhawk #2 (Of 5)(Cover C Declan Shalvey), AR
Darkhold Alpha #1 (Cover D Cian Tormey Design Variant), AR
Darkhold Alpha #1 (Cover E Juann Cabal Stormbreakers Variant), AR
Extreme Carnage Omega #1 (Cover A Dave Rapoza), $4.99
Extreme Carnage Omega #1 (Cover B Declan Shalvey), AR
Extreme Carnage Omega #1 (Cover C Jeff Johnson Connecting Variant), AR
Extreme Carnage Omega #1 (Cover D Skottie Young), AR
Extreme Carnage Omega #1 (Cover E Symbiote Variant), AR
Extreme Carnage Omega #1 (Cover F Rob Liefeld Deadpool 30th Anniversary Variant), AR
Extreme Carnage Omega #1 (Cover G Joshua Cassara Stormbreakers Variant), AR
Inferno #1 (Of 4)(Cover A Jerome Opena), $5.99
Inferno #1 (Of 4)(Cover B Stanley Artgerm Lau), AR
Inferno #1 (Of 4)(Cover C Stanley Artgerm Lau Virgin Variant), AR
Inferno #1 (Of 4)(Cover D Carmen Nunez Carnero Stormbreakers Variant), AR
Inferno #1 (Of 4)(Cover E Mark Brooks Wraparound Variant), AR
Inferno #1 (Of 4)(Cover F Jeff Dekal), AR
Inferno #1 (Of 4)(Cover G Oscar Vega), AR
Inferno #1 (Of 4)(Cover H Peach Momoko), AR
Inferno #1 (Of 4)(Cover I R. B. Silva Homage Variant), AR
Inferno #1 (Of 4)(Cover J Greg Capullo Hidden Gem Variant), AR
Kang The Conqueror #1 (Of 5)(2nd Printing Cover), $4.99
Marvels #5 (Cover A Alex Ross), $3.99
Marvels #5 (Cover B Mahmud A. Asrar), AR
Miles Morales Spider-Man #30 (Cover A Taurin Clarke), $4.99
Miles Morales Spider-Man #30 (Cover B Chase Conley Design Variant), AR
Miles Morales Spider-Man #30 (Cover C Sara Pichelli), AR
Miles Morales Spider-Man #30 (Cover D Javier Garron Miles Morales 10th Anniversary Variant), AR
Moon Knight #2 (2nd Printing Cover), $3.99
Non-Stop Spider-Man #5 (Cover A R. B. Silva), $3.99
Non-Stop Spider-Man #5 (Cover B Kael Ngu), AR
Reign Of X Volume 4 TP, $17.99
S.W.O.R.D. #8 (Cover A Stefano Caselli), $3.99
S.W.O.R.D. #8 (Cover B Russell Dauterman), AR
Star Wars #17 (Cover A Carlo Pagulayan), $3.99
Star Wars #17 (Cover B Rahzzah), AR
Star Wars #17 (Cover C Paolo Villanelli Bounty Hunter Ship Blueprint Variant), AR
Star Wars #17 (Cover D John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Variant), AR
Star Wars #17 (Cover E Chris Sprouse Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary Variant), AR
Star Wars The High Republic #8 (2nd Printing Cover), $3.99
Star Wars War Of The Bounty Hunters #3 (Of 5)(2nd Printing Cover), $3.99
Thor #17 (Cover A Olivier Coipel), $3.99
Thor #17 (Cover B Nic Klein), AR
Thor #17 (Cover C Todd Nauck Miles Morales 10th Anniversary Variant), AR
Winter Guard #2 (Of 4)(Cover A Toni Infante), $3.99
Winter Guard #2 (Of 4)(Cover B Paco Medina), AR
Wolverine #16 (Cover A Adam Kubert), $3.99
Wolverine #16 (Cover B Camuncoli Variant), AR
Wolverine #16 (Cover C Tony Daniel Miles Morales 10th Anniversary Variant), AR

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Inferno #1 (Marvel)

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