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Atlas of Fantastic Worlds is Up on Kickstarter

An interesting looking book filled with a variety of fantasy world is up for crowdfunding. The Atlas of Fantastic Worlds will provide plenty of inspiration for gamers of all types. You can reserve a copy of the book in PDF for a $25.00 pledge or in hardcover for a $60.00 pledge through May 23rd with an expected delivery this November.

About the project:

The bravest cartographers have been gathered to be a part of this adventure : discover what lies beyond our boundaries. In search of unchartered lands, they departed, leaving everything behind.

While many never returned, others came back loaded with tales and treasures. 

The Atlas of Fantastic Worlds is the product of their discoveries.

The Atlas contains 18 unique worlds, each created by a different illustrator. 

The artists’ graphic styles are willingly varied to offer a greater diversity : calm and quiet, dangerous, eerie, a setting for all tastes!

Each world is introduced by a short-illustrated text, displayed either as anecdotes, stories of significant events, tales, or even poems.

Maps of different scales (world, region, cities, etc.) enrich the presentations and bring them to life. From the isolated village to the gigantic world, through by a building slice plan, the authors will stop at nothing to describe their worlds to the last detail.

To match the “grimoire” touch of the Atlas, every universe will take place within the  framework of Medieval Fantasy genre. No spaceship or cellphone, we want torches and wooden beams!

This Atlas is by no means for RPG players only. Above all, it is designed to be a beautiful piece of art, aimed at anyone who enjoys illustration, cartography, travel and adventure!

Jeff McAleer

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