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Bet You Didn’t Know You Could Do These Things on Your Gaming Console Did You?

Console PadsThere was a time back in the simpler days, when the average gaming console was made to do one thing and one thing only, that is to entertain the player with a certain set of games, which either came built into the console, or bought separately in the form of a physical drive, or a disk. Nowadays a gaming console can do a lot more than it once had the capability of doing, in fact, there’s probably a few things which you might not even know that your own gaming console could do!

Did you know that your gaming console can be linked to your smartphone?

What? How? Well, if you have a PS4 or PS5, there’s three different apps you can download on your phone to enhance your gaming experience.

Access your PS through your phone

Firstly, you have the general PS app, where you can manage your playstation account, settings, and even use Playstation’s built in messenger!

Use your phone as a controller

Then there’s another app that lets you use your phone as an extra controller, just in case you want to play some split screen or “accidentally” broke your controller during a fit of rage on a game that pisses you off…

Use your phone as a second display

And last but not least, there’s also a PS Second screen app, that either lets you stream games from your console to your smartphone, or even acts as a separate functional display, such as a map or Heads up Display (HUD), similar to the dual displays on the Nintendo DS!

The best part about these apps is they let you interact with your console without having to be within its range, thanks to the power of the internet!

Access the whole world through your console’s internet browser!

We all know our console has an internet browser, but do we use it? Some of us use it for various reasons, some dirtier than others, but I bet you never thought about this one.. We all remember those free games we used to find on the internet through our old computers. These games are now accessible through consoles since you have a fully functional built in internet browser on almost every console you can imagine nowadays. Heck, you could even try out the eye-catching sweet bonanza, or any other online casino game through your console’s browser. Make sure to delete your history before showing it off to your friends!

Share your epic skillz on the go!

Ever had a really good play which made you think, if you had recorded it and posted it online it would’ve gone viral? Well, that’s not a problem anymore. On the PS4, you have a button on your controller specialized to start and stop recording whenever you double tap it, while if you just press it down once, it will automatically save a clip of the last 15 minutes of gameplay you had. Pretty handy isn’t it?

But wait, there’s more. Recording is fine, but transferring the file to your computer to upload would be annoying wouldn’t it? Yeah, well, they thought about that too, so you can upload your clips directly from your console, to the platform of your choice!

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