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Four New Dungeons & Dragons Figurines of Adorable Power Arrive This Spring

Hold on tight because another wave of D&D cuteness is on the horizon from Ultra•PRO. This Spring will see the release of four new entries into the Dungeons & Dragons Figurines of Adorable Power as the Mimic, Flumph, Gazer, and Giff join the ranks. The 3.75″ vinyl figures will carry an MSRP of $12.99.

From Ultra•PRO:

The Mimic

Time to save vs. cuteness—this one might be too adorable to resist! Add this deceptive cutie to your party if you dare. Mimic can take on many shapes, but the iconic hungry chest full of teeth is most memorable. Go ahead and stick your hand inside. It’ll be fine.

Dungeons & Dragons Figurines of Adorable Power Mimic (Ultra•PRO)

The Flumph

The Flumph are jellyfish-like lawful-good creatures that are sensitive to psionic energy. They are also thoughtful and benevolent beings that float by means of an innate anti-gravity field, and move about by using air jets as propulsion. But take care…they are helpless if flipped on there back.

Dungeons & Dragons Figurines of Adorable Power Flumph (Ultra•PRO)

The Gazer

The Gazer is thought to have been born from a Beholder’s fever dreams. These creatures certainly resemble there more formidable kin. While they are supposedly very difficult to tame, I’m sure that your adopted friend will be just fine. If you do get more than one, beware…for they are known to work together to team up against larger creatures. This includes you.

Dungeons & Dragons Figurines of Adorable Power Gazer (Ultra•PRO)

The Giff

These powerful and majestic creatures fly the skyships of the Spelljammer realm and beyond. Resembling humanoid hippopotami, these brash beings possess a powerful strength and surprising grace. Though they have powerful tusk-filled jaws, Giff are predominately herbivores. So, do not fear bringing these fierce warriors into your home.

Dungeons & Dragons Figurines of Adorable Power Griff (Ultra•PRO)

Jeff McAleer

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