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From Street Fighter to Game Shows: The Exciting New Casino Games of 2020

As any regular visitors to our site will know, there has been plenty of exciting stuff happening across pop culture and entertainment in recent months.

Gaming in particular has been a real hive of activity and it has been great to cover a host of news related to all aspects of the industry. However, one area which arguably deserves a special mention is the world of casino gaming, as it appears to be an industry that is really on the rise.

Plenty of developments

There have been plenty of developments in the online casino world in recent times, and this was highlighted in research published by Global Market Insights back in August.

The organization outlined how the size of the online gambling market reached $55 billion in 2019, while it is expected to experience a compound annual growth rate of 16.5 percent between 2020 and 2026. This means that its value projection for the latter year stands at $160 billion. Global Market Insights suggests that a range of new technologies could help to drive growth in the area, including artificial intelligence systems, virtual reality, and machine learning.

But, while the future is seemingly looking bright for the sector, what have been the notable success stories of recent times? Several exciting new casino games have emerged on the scene in the past year, with each of them offering players a unique experience. Here, we have highlighted a trio of titles that are well worth looking out for.

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot

Few fighting video games are quite as iconic as Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. Capcom’s site details how the famous game originally released in June 1992 remains one of its most successful titles ever, with it achieving sales of more than six million units

Considering its huge popularity, it is perhaps understandable that NetEnt took the leap of adapting the classic title into an online slot game. The Street Fighter II: The World Warrior slot was launched in May 2020 and NetEnt’s announcement outlined how it offers a five-reel, five-row Cluster Pays experience. The developer also explained how it aimed to reflect the mechanics of the original title by allowing players to select a character and face off against a range of opponents.

Mega Ball

For many of us, the idea of streaming brings to mind watching shows on platforms like Prime Video and Netflix. However, the technology has also had an impact on online casinos thanks to live experiences where the action is hosted by dealers on a video link. For example, Asiabet offers guidance on the best way to win money in Baccarat, but it also highlights the core benefits of trying the game on a live stream. For instance, the site outlines how such games offer transparency, as you are able to see everything happen in real-time.

But, while classic casino games may have been reinvigorated by live options, some developers in the industry have also used the technology to create a different kind of experience. Evolution Gaming offers a whole range of gameshow-style titles and added to its selection in April with Mega Ball. The company states that the game combines elements of bingo, lottery, and slots games.

Deadmau5 Slot

As NetEnt’s Street Fighter game highlights, online slots tend to take in a range of themes these days. It is quite common to see new titles inspired by film, TV, and music, with a notable new release coming from Microgaming.

Towards the end of 2020, the company teamed up with Joel Zimmerman – better known as the dance music icon Deadmau5 – to launch a new slot experience inspired by his work. Microgaming’s announcement about the game details how it features a host of his music, as well as his famous logo and visuals from one of his tours.

Fresh Experiences

The online casino industry has grown to reach impressive heights in recent times, while many signs point to its success continuing in the years ahead.

One of the factors behind the sector’s growth may be the range of new gaming experiences that are emerging, with the titles above highlighting the different styles that players can now enjoy. It will be intriguing to see what the area has in store for 2021 and beyond.

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