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Attractive Features of the Online Carrom Game

If you want a nostalgic trip down the memory lane, then carrom is should be your first choice. It has always been a favorite childhood game of most Indians. On holiday gatherings, festivals, vacations, etc. carrom has always been played by generations together. Digitization has transformed carrom too and now a delightful new virtual version of carrom is entertaining people. In todays’ hectic lifestyle, this gift from the online gaming industry has proved to be a nice stress buster. Now you can play your favorite game anywhere, anytime.

If you love carom but don’t get the opportunity to play the game, then the online carrom board game is for you. Here are the major features of this online game you must know:

Real Life Physics

Carrom is associated with our childhood memories and online carrom gives us a chance to relive those by playing the game on a digital carrom board using real-life physics. You can apply the evaluations and measurements the same way in online carrom as you do in real-world carrom. The stroke intensity, surface friction, distance traveled, as well the sound, are very realistic.

Fascinating Graphics

To help you to move from the real-world version to the online version, the online gaming industry has done a lot of things. One significant thing is how the game is presented on your smartphone screen, that is the graphics. The board, the striker, coins and other graphics are highly appealing and realistic. Some of the apps even provide 3D graphics to provide a more immersive experience of gaming. To enjoy that, you need to go for a carrom 3d game download.

Real Cash

The most attractive feature of online carom is real cash prizes. You can play cash games and win real money. You can withdraw your winnings very easily to your bank account. So, to win some cash while having fun playing your childhood game, catch the virtual striker and strike.

Fair Play

A game is enjoyable only when it is completely fair. If you are assured that your tricks, logic, and techniques are going to get you results, only then you can enjoy playing. Online carrom apps maintain complete fair play in gaming. You are paired with a player whose skill level matches yours so that you both get equal opportunities to win. There is no favoritism or bias whatsoever.

Great Variety of Games

To remove monotony, online carrom apps provide an extensive lobby of matches, tournaments, and varieties of games. You can play both free practice games and cash games. You are also given choices on graphics and board appearance. A list of tables, strikers, and graphics helps you to choose your favorite table.

Fully Safe and Secure

When there is money involved, you want to be sure that you are playing in a safe environment. All certified carom apps are fully safe and secure. Your account and profile details are completely secure and foolproof software keeps them absolutely safe and confidential.


Carrom has always been a part and parcel of our daily lives. That is why the virtual version of this online carrom board game has become a rage. So download a carom app to keep playing this amazing game and enjoy winning cash.

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