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Halloween Spooktacular 2016 – Dark Fantasy: ‘The Demon Tree’

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Oklahoma City surely doesn’t immediately come to mind when thinking about cities where radio horror shows would emanate during the glory years; Chicago, New York, and (later) Los Angeles were the hotbeds of broadcasts. Yet, through 1941-42, Oklahoma City’s WKY provided Friday night chills to the nation with Dark Fantasy. Although the program didn’t last long, the show aired some truly ahead of their time stories.

In The Demon Tree, four friends find themselves bored while on holiday in England. To help pass time while they wait for a night stage back to London (and to investigate a story told to them by their innkeeper) the friends go in search of a mysterious tree. A tree in which one of the friend’s ancestor’s lifeless body was found entangled in its branches.

So let’s give a listen to The Demon Tree which aired on December 5th, 1941.

Download the show right here.


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