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TGG October Spooktacular 2021 – Murder At Midnight: The Kabbalah

The future will be told in The Kabbalah

Another New York based suspense show, which had a short run, was Murder at Midnight. This was a syndicated show so it landed all over the dial on various networks, although ten of its fifty episodes ended up eventually airing on the Mutual network. Thankfully, the tales on Murder at Midnight didn’t go the route of the Inner Sanctum Mysteries Scooby Doo endings either as the majority of the episodes featuring what seemed to be the supernatural turned out to actually be the supernatural.

This is an interesting tale with a bit of an M. R. James sort of vibe as a professor studying the paranormal discovers an oracle which can forecast the future. But are there strings attached? There wouldn’t be any strings attached to divining the future would there? When, oh when, will radio characters realize if it’s too good to be true then it’s true it won’t be good?

Let’s turn out the lights and give a listen to The Kabbalah from Murder at Midnight as it aired on December 30th, 1946.

TGG October Spooktacular 2021 - Murder at Midnight: The Kabbalah (1946)

Download the show to take on the go right here.

On a quick side note, most visitors to TGG probably don’t know I ran an old time radio website quite a few years back and I have tens of thousands of radio shows in my collection. Each of the programs I’ll share during the Spooktacular have had their audio personally cleaned up by me to remove many of the pops, crackles, and hisses so common with old time radio recordings. These aren’t pristine by any means but keep in mind the original broadcasts you’ll be hearing are anywhere from fifty to eighty years old…

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