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The Gaming Gang October Spooktacular 2022 – Arch Oboler’s Plays: The Visitor From Hades (1964)

I’ve talked about Arch Oboler many times on past Spooktaculars and, for my money, he and Wyllis Cooper produced some of the most entertaining and creeper chiller shows during radio’s heyday. Oboler continued to ply his trade after 1961 (a year most old time radio fans consider to mark when radio drama died in the United States) by way of record albums and syndicated radio programs. One of these programs was Arch Oboler Plays which reintroduced listers to tales from Oboler’s various radio series, including Lights Out, which had aired two decades earlier.

Tonight a tale about a bickering married couple who receive a guest. A guest only they can see.

Turn out the lights, sit back, and give a listen to Arch Oboler Plays and The Visitor from Hades as it aired on October 10th, 1964.

TGG October Spooktacular 2022 10-19 Arch Oboler's Plays - Visitor from Hades 1964

Download the show for on the go right here.

Jeff McAleer

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