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The Gaming Gang October Spooktacular 2022 – Suspense: Donovan’s Brain Part Two (1944)

Tonight we come not only to the conclusion of Donavan’s Brain but also of this year’s edition of the Spooktacular as well. Happy Halloween everyone!

Although Suspense ran for a total of twenty-two seasons and approximately 945 episodes, the series only produced four two-art tales in total. Of which Kurt Siodmak’s Donovan’s Brain was the first. Interestingly enough, this episode marked Orson Welles’ eighth appearance in the show’s first five seasons yet he would never return to the mic again for Suspense during the remaining seventeen seasons.

As the personality of the ruthless, yet deceased, millionaire William H. Donovan takes root in the psyche of Doctor Patrick Cory can anyone save the doctor before he commits horrific acts as Donovan’s puppet?

Turn out the lights and sit back to listen to part two of Donovan’s Brain as it aired on Suspense on May 25th, 1944.

TGG Spooktacular 2022 - Suspense: Donovan's Brain Part Two (1944)

Download the show to take on the go right here.

Jeff McAleer

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