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Top 10 Influencers in Canadian Online Gambling

With the power of social media, people can get the word out better than any form of advertising. The people behind this method of advertising are known as influencers. Influencers use the power of social media to promote products using their looks, comedy, presentation, and even their own shows. There are even those that base their entire content around this product and become a trusted voice in the industry. For real money casinos in Canada, offering a free spin casino no deposit bonus, here are the top 10 influencers who have their own YouTube channels to promote Canadian online gambling.

Here is the list of influencers described in this review:

  1. Brian Christopher Slots
  2. The Big Jackpot
  3. SlotLady
  4. American Casino Guide
  5. VegasLowRoller
  6. RocknRolla’s Gambling Channel
  7. CasinoDaddy
  8. SlotsBoom Casino
  9. JFK Slot Hits
  10. NickSlots

Brian Christopher Slots

This man is the most well-known and recognisable face in online gambling. His subscriber’s count has reached over 350,000 and is still growing evermore. Brian makes sure to post a video almost every day, whether it is about a new slot game or a new casino service. Each video reaches thousands of views in just a few hours, thanks to his real-life entertainment. Brian has almost every video of him walking into a land-based casino and beginning playing the slot machines. Brian mixes both education, information, and comedy to make his videos delightful for all gamblers. 

The Big Jackpot

If you are interested in gambling games that offer massive jackpot prizes, then this is the channel you should be following. The Big Jackpot is all about searching for that big win by going all-in right from the start. The channel currently has reached over 300,000 subscribers, with views that have gone over 10 million at one point. The star of the show will always bet with the maximum amount to reach the biggest win possible, ignoring all risks involved. This creates some exciting videos where you are never sure when the big win will appear. 


SlotLady is a woman named Sarah Marince who is known as the second biggest influencer on the world wide web, not just in Canada. While her audience remains rather a niche, she has still gained a subscribers’ count of over 179,000. She even hosts her own live streams, which happen at 7 pm ET, every night. It isn’t just slots that she specialises in, as she even hosts table games as well. She is from Canada, which makes her a beloved favourite for all Canadian gamblers. You can check her out to see her play games live and look forward to her many potential wins. 

American Casino Guide

While not based in Canada, the followers of this channel are still grateful for the information that it provides. Steve Bourie is not only the head of this channel but also the author of the book with the same name. The book was written in 1992 and has remained a top seller in the gambling world. The channel works with a similar objective, giving players potential tips and strategies they can use to help them win more money. There are over 130,000 subscribers who all enjoy the lessons that this expert provides. 


The online gambling world is rich in interesting matches and exciting plays, whether it involves the player winning or losing. VegasLowRoller is a channel that dedicates itself to this thrilling part of the experience, seeking out new games and showcasing the best features they have. They have almost reached 100,000 subscribers as they provide thrilling spectacles with the games they play. This includes massive jackpots, exclusive bonus games, and a diverse range of content. Since it’s in the name, they are low rollers which means they do not bet very high in the hopes of continuing their gaming. 

RocknRolla’s Gambling Channel

RocknRolla has been around far longer than any of the other influencers mentioned earlier. The channel started in 2008 and reached over 29 million views with only 70,000 subscribers. This channel not only focuses on real money slots but much more content like blackjack, cards, roulette wheels, and even bingo. What makes this influencer most aspiring is the way he plays the games. He builds up a deposit over a long period of saving and low-rolling. Once he has enough, he then bets it all on a maximum bet in the hopes of winning an entertaining jackpot. 


This is once again another channel that has almost 70,000 subs. However, it is still a fairly fresh channel to follow. The channel is run by a family of three brothers who each take a turn at betting on a new slot game. They are currently based in Sweden and have gained a big following overseas, even in Canada. They offer reviews, live streams, slot gambling, tips and tricks, and long hours of entertainment. Their streams can last over 14 hours long, leaving them open for anyone to come and visit, no matter what time of day it is. 

SlotsBoom Casino

This mysterious figure is known as Mr SlotsBoom and is currently stationed in the state of California. The man is also a streamer who hosts shows that showcase some of the latest slot games to hit the gambling scene. The subscriber count has reached over 45,000, where the main focus is to see what slot game has the biggest winning potential. He even physically travels to Las Vegas sometimes to host live shows there. The show has a lot to offer, with a few helpful informational tools for players to learn about. This includes free spins, bonus rounds, bonus symbols, and much more. 

JFK Slot Hits

If you want to see some high-rolling action, then this is the channel that can bring to you those exciting wins you have always wanted to see. The man is called JFK, which is the name of another famous person. It isn’t just gambling you can see from his videos, but his crazy lifestyle alongside it. You can see him modelling, camping outside, handling snakes, and other wild shenanigans. Many of his videos that are related to gambling are still helpful, showing you when to play safe and when to go all out. 


Once again, another young channel continues to grow and become a popular face in the gambling world. Nick started his channel back in 2017 and gained an impressive following of almost 40,000 subscribers. The channel also remains consistent with uploads happening every day, showing off some of the biggest jackpots, slot wins, and even some of his most crushing defeats. The channel remains relatively humble, which is what draws a lot of players towards him. While not as popular as the others, he provides a certain charm that gives even newcomers hope that they too can gain a big win. 

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