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Forged in the Dark at DriveThruRPG
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Almost every fan of Funko Pop toys knows that some of the rarest figures are hard to find. That is why there is a category of so-called Funatics, ready to pay any amount of money for a rare toy. Usually, each new series has a multi-million dollar circulation, so you can easily find a new figure. But what if the company produced only 100-200 toys? Then you should spend a lot of time finding such an “artifact”. So here are the top ten rarest Funko Pop toys that are every collector’s dream.

  1. Mickey Mouse (Metallic)

This is a limited edition toy created in 2011 for the San Diego Comic-Con. That is why you are unlikely to find such a valuable artifact on the shelf in your store. In addition, the price for one figurine can reach several thousand dollars.

  1. Superman (Metallic Chase)

The Metallic Superman is a limited edition toy released in 2010 exclusively for Target. Decades ago, you could have bought such a souvenir for as little as ten dollars, but now the starting price for collectors is roughly four thousand dollars. However, even if you have money, you can hardly buy such a souvenir today.

  1. Stranger Things – Hopper (Gold)

Stranger Things is an amazing series that has revived the fan’s love for science fiction and otherworldly creatures. That is why a limited collection of toys marked the 2018 Fundays event. The Golden Sheriff Hopper is a rather rare statuette. Only 40 pieces were available in 2018. Today, such a toy will cost about five thousand dollars.

  1. Freddy Funko as Chocula (Metallic)

Freddy is the favorite toy of most of the brand’s fans. A unique metallic figurine was released in 2011. Limited collection of a couple of dozen pieces has become the number one goal for most collectors.

On average, you will have to pay about five thousand dollars for such an artifact. Imagine that you are a student and you have the opportunity to buy the toy of your dreams. Then you should pay people to write essays. Delegate your tasks and go in search of your figurine.

  1. Boo Berry (Glow in the Dark Chase)

This rare toy will surely appeal to all fans of the brand. But you should be prepared because the price per piece will be on the order of six thousand dollars. The fact is that there are only a couple of dozen such toys, so you will have to spend a lot of time buying such an artifact.

  1. Dumbo (Clown Paint)

Dumbo is the number one goal for collectors. Unfortunately, the company created only 48 pieces in 2013. The price for one toy can exceed six thousand dollars. But most collectors would pay double the amount if they could find such a figurine on eBay.

  1. Star Wars – Darth Maul (Holographic)

The Holographic Darth Maul is a rather rare figurine. Funko Pop has released only 480 of these toys. The average price per piece is about seven thousand dollars. That is why not all fans of the brand can buy such a unique artifact.

  1. Stan Lee (Superhero) (Red Metallic)

Stan Lee has become a true icon in the comic book world. Red Metallic Stan Lee is a very rare artifact and is the number one target for many fans. Unfortunately, there are only 12 figurines, and the average price is about eight thousand dollars.

  1. Freddy Funko as Count Chocula (Glow in the Dark)

San Diego Comic-Con in 2011 has become a landmark event for the modern pop industry. The company has released a total of 12 Count Chocula figurines. That is why fans of the brand will have to pay about ten thousand dollars if they find a collector willing to sell such a rare artifact.

  1. Game of Thrones – Freddy Funko as Jaime Lannister (Bloody)

Game of Thrones is an amazing series, and Jaime Lannister is one of the key characters whose moral transformations have delighted fans. In 2013, Funko Pop released an exclusive figurine, which is estimated at twelve thousand dollars. Such a unique artifact is the dream of any collector.

Why Are These Toys So Expensive?

The fact is that the price is formed largely due to the uniqueness of these toys. Imagine that there are only 10-20 figurines in the world, and thousands of collectors are ready to give crazy money for a toy, the cost of which is about five dollars. That is why Funatics are so attentive to new collections to have time to buy unique toys.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Funko Pop is a unique company that creates interesting toys. Moreover, the brand skillfully manipulates modern trends and creates limited collections. If you are lucky enough to own a rare toy, then you can be proud of yourself. Now you can sell such a figurine for good money.

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