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5E Monsters of Feyland 2: The Well of Dreams is Up on Kickstarter

The latest Cawood Publishing bestiary Monsters of Feyland 2 is up for crowdfunding

Monsters of Feyland 2: The Well of Dreams (Cawood Publishing)Cawood Publishing is currently in the midst of a Kickstarter to publish their latest 5E D&D bestiary. Feyland 2: The Well of Dreams will feature at least 100 new creatures to help gamemasters populate their land of the Fae. You can score the hardcover edition for a $35.00 pledge, the softcover for a $27.00 pledge, or grab the PDF alone for a $20.00 pledge through June 7th.

About the book:

Feyland just got a lot stranger! The Well of Dreams has been corrupted and war between the Seelie and Unseelie Courts has begun.

The fifth book in our 5E Monsters series is Monsters of Feyland 2: The Well of Dreams. It will be 140-160 pages with at least 100 new monsters in seven regions! The creatures will include fey, monstrosities, aberrations, undead, dragons, giants, elementals, and beasts. Each monster will have a full-color illustration, stat block, and bio. We’ll also have new magical items, fey flora, adventure hooks, GM advice, encounter tables, region information pages, events tables, and more.

This book will be a campaign book as well as a monster collection. We’ll give you more details about Feyland and plenty of resources to run adventures there.  A handful of creatures will return from Monsters of Feyland in new, more powerful forms. 


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