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A Look at Avalon Hill’s Classic ‘Flight Leader’ on The Daily Dope for April 4th, 2018

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Today I look at the classic 1986 game of air to air jet combat, Flight Leader, from Avalon Hill. Plus the latest news from IDW Games, Renegade Game Studios, Troll Lord Games, Cephalofair Games, Greater Than Games, and more.

00:24 Show opens
04:04 News of the day
21:54 What’s cooking with Jeff
25:03 A look at Avalon Hill’s Flight Leader


1 Comment

  1. FLight Leader is such a well-designed game, and a good comprimise between realism and simplicity. Each plane has an aircraft status sheet – a stylized cockpit where you make your decisions. A sizable assortment of modern aircraft is included. I only wish new units were developed and new rules to cover their abilities/ Who wouldn’t want to get behind a B2 Bomber? Scenarios cover the Korean War and virtually the whole Cold War era. Still enjoyable after all these years!


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