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A Thunderstone Quest Starter Set and Two Adventures Hit Kickstarter

New Thunderstone Quest releases are up for crowdfunding

Thunderstone Quest Deepwood Defenders (AEG)Yesterday AEG launched a new Kickstarter to bring a Thunderstone Quest Starter Set and two new adventures for the game to the masses. The quests, Nature’s Wrath and Rotten Roots, bring new challenges as well as over 650 new cards while the starter set promises a lower priced entry point into the game. You can reserve copies of the two new quests for a $55.00 pledge and grab the new lower priced entry into Thunderstone Quest for a $50.00 pledge through May 27th. Expected delivery is May of next year.

About the project:

Nature’s Wrath – Quest #12 – Radical trolls in the Deepwood seek to tear Thunderstone Keep and the surrounding area to the ground in a war that could mean the end of civilization as we know it.

Rotten Roots – Quest #13 – An evil force has infested the treant that watches over the Deepwood. To save it, you’ll need to shrink small enough to enter it and explore the world within. Can you find the source of this plague and put an end to it in time?

This new Starter Set replaces the Adventurer and Champion Rewards from previous Kickstarters, and the Retail Base Game that has been available to brick & mortar stores in the past.

The Starter Set includes all the components required for up to six players. It includes the shared main board, the Wilderness tile, and all the cards, tokens, dice and other components required for competitive play. The plastic figures from the previous Kickstarter Rewards have been replaced with new wood Champion tokens.

The Starter Set also includes Quest 1: A Mirror in the Dark. Like all Quests, Quest 1 includes approximately 350 cards, including support for Epic Thunderstone, and 4th Level Heroes. The set also includes 6 dungeon boards, cardstock & plastic dividers, and randomizers.

The box provides space for storage for its components and Quest 1; other Quests are designed to be stored in their own boxes; or you can purchase Superdeluxe boxes ala carte in the Pledge Manager after the campaign for consolidated storage.

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