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Adventure Maximus!Eden Studios has launched a Kickstarter project for an all ages role playing game, Adventure Maximus! The title is designed to be quick to pick up and play with character creation taking a couple of minutes or so. The game setting is that of a post apocalyptic future and the project runs through June 4th.

From Eden:

It’s time for a role playing game adults & kids can both enjoy. Make a character in under 2 minutes. Start playing out of the box.

Adventure Maximus! is a role playing game designed with kids in mind. As a parent, we want to get our kids involved in the same games we play but sometimes our games are not ‘kid friendly’. The sad reality is most RPGs on the market today are not geared for children, just us older gamers. But how do we get the young ones into the hobby that we grew up on? 

Well we make a game for them! 

Adventure Maximus! is a game where kids can easily create a character, plan and run adventures, find treasures and be heroes of their imagination. Adventure Maximus! inspires creativity, problem solving and provides quality face time with other human beings rather than staring into computer screens all with the help of dice and cards (by using dice and cards it gives the kids that extra toy value to keep them at the table).

Adventure MAXIMUS! is a card based, introductory Role Playing Game for players 8 years-of-age and up. Players can take on roles from eight different races. Working together as a famous “Adventure Company” based in the fantastic, post-apocalyptic world of Ex-Machina where they can become heroes of legend.

AMRaceCardsWhen there is trouble, or innocent people need protection from the fierce creatures that populate Ex-Machina, they call on Adventure Companies to save the day!

Adventure MAXIMUS! follows the classic role playing game format consisting of someone who runs the adventure (who we call a Maximus Master) and 2 or more players who interact with the adventure. Inexperienced Maximus Masters will find using our Adventure Creation System helpful when making their first adventure. Also, the role of Maximus Master can be taken over by a player in mid adventure so that everyone gets a chance to play!

Players will be asked to make heroic actions fueled by Action Points. Players receive a limited amount of Action Points each round, so they must be budgeted. The bigger the action, the greater the cost. Action Points replenish each round. Racial Abilities, Class Abilities, Action Powers, Spells and Items all have Action Point costs printed on their cards.

The Adventure Maximus! box set (which will have a SRP of $25.00) will include:

• 8 fully illustrated race cards
• 15 fully illustrated creature cards
• 10 player class cards
• 30 fully illustrated item cards
• 20 fully illustrated spells
• over 30 action powers
• 15 fully illustrated location cards
• a full color soft cover rule book
• set of 5 Maximus Dice

We are hoping to expand the contents of this box with stretch goals if the project is funded. We have designed over 300 cards for Adventure Maximus! and would love to offer more! With a larger budget, we can do that!

The game will be printed right here in the USA, which will allow for a faster turnaround time and supporting our local businesses. By doing so, we plan to have copies available for GenCon 2013 in Indianapolis.

1 Comment

  1. WE ARE FUNDED! WOOOT! Thanks everyone who pledged or helped to spread the word!

    Now the fun begins, STRETCH GOALS!
    Please forward our links and share us with every parent you know that has an imaginative child, keep plugging us on all the gaming, parenting, nerd and geek sites forums and social media outlets you can think of, and with your help we can make Adventure MAXIMUS! an even bigger success.

    It’s never to late to back us, everyone who goes in for the HERO level pledge gets the basic game and all the stretch goals we can unlock.


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