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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

Against the Faerie Queene Passes Kickstarter Goal in First Hours

Adder Stone Games and Modiphius Entertainment have teamed up for a new roleplaying supplement for 5E and Legends of Avallen. Delve into Celtic myth and legend in Against the Faerie Queene, a campaign for 1st through 10th levels. The Kickstarter is fully funded and you can reserve a copy of the book in hardcover (with PDF) for a $54.00 pledge, or score just the PDF for a $26.00 pledge, through October 11th with an expected delivery date of June 2023.

About the project:

Against the Faerie Queen Splash (Adder Stone Games/Modiphius Entertainment)

An ancient island at the edge of an insatiable empire. Avallen is a storied setting abound with myths, secrets, and adventure inspired by Celtic mythology in Roman Britain.
Venture through the fierce but divided Vallic clan lands, step onto the gilded streets of the Raxian Empire, and fall into the entrancing Otherworld…but take care dealing with both the fae and demons who reside there.

Quest through real folklore, train Celtic subclasses, and master new systems in this epic Celtic campaign book for Legends of Avallen and 5th Edition, brought to you by Adder Stone Games and Modiphius.

Dare you stand against the Faerie Queene?

Major features

  • Fate Cards: an all-new exploration mechanic
  • Innovative modular rules systems for Diplomacy, Journeys, Stealth and more!
  • 5 Iconic adventure archetypes
  • 10 Celtic Legends woven into a tale of love, loss, and revenge
  • 13 Heroic Celtic & Roman subclasses
  • 25 Mythical monsters, tricksy fae and supernatural beings
  • 54 Custom illustrated foil poker cards
  • 1 Epic Celtic Campaign book for Legends of Avallen and 5th Edition

Jeff McAleer

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