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Amazing Encounters & Places for 5E is Out in PDF

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Amazing Encounters & Places (CZRPG)A very interesting looking release has arrived from CZRPG for 5E D&D. Amazing Encounters & Places is packed with eight fresh locales filled with plenty of encounters to keep your players on their toes. There’s also loads of new character options, creatures, maps, and more. The 304 page PDF is available at DriveThruRPG for $24.99.

About the release:

A 5e supplement presented in a gorgeous 304-page PDF, which provides you with the following:

  • 8 locations with lore and regional map, which you can drop into your own or existing setting. There are 2 locations of each of the terraintypes below:
    • Coasts
    • Forests
    • Mountains
    • Swamps
  • Each location provides 6 independent encounters, tied into an overarching plot with ends with a 7th encounter
    • A total of 56 encounters
  • Each encounter has its own battlemap. If you also want the digital files for your VTT of choice, you can get the maps here.
    • A total of 56 battlemaps
  • 38 custom artpieces, with over 150 total artpieces
  • 32 new player options, including subclasses, lineages, magic items, feats, and spells
  • 66 stat blocks of new creatures

With this supplement, you, the DM, can quickly fill your world with awe-inspiring locations, speeding up your worldbuilding. In addition, each location features independent encounters that can be tied into adventures, providing you with new creatures, magic items, and player options! The content is scalable, with guidance to run each encounter at any level or tier of play. 

This book is also crawling with stunning artwork and gorgeous maps, which will help to support your game, and if your group prefers theater of mind, the maps help you to provide a more detailed and lively description!

We from CZRPG really expect that this book provides you and your players a ton of fun and amazing moments!

Amazing Encounters & Places Preview (CZRPG)


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