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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

Amazing RPG and Miniature Rules Savings in the Privateer Press Humble Bundle

Iron Kingdoms (Privateer Press)I have to say the Humble Bundles dedicated to roleplaying games are always an excellent value but this latest, the Warmachine, Hordes, and Iron Kingdoms RPG bundle – from Privateer Press – is simply amazing. From now until November 8th you can snag $382.00 worth of  PDFs for an astonishing $15.00. Miniatures gamers will certainly be thrilled by the Warmachine and Hordes goodness while roleplayers will want to get their hands on Iron Kingdoms. For a single solitary dollar, one smackeroo, an individual ducat you can even score the core rules for all three games. There’s also plenty of other digital goodness with adventures, supplements, and stories added in the mix at all three donation levels!

Don’t forget whenever you purchase one of these great offerings from Humble Bundle you’re also helping a worthy charity. This month is no different as the Privateer Press bundle supports UK based Special Effect.

Jeff McAleer

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