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Boo Hollow: Pumpkin Showdown has Arrived from Funko Games

A new card game has arrived set in Boo Hollow

Funko Games has released a light card game which uses the characters from their Boo Hollow figure line. In Pumpkin Showdown, players will try to score hits on the other players to knock them out before taking three hits themselves. The game is for three to six players, ages 6+, plays in around 20 minutes, and will carry an MSRP of $7.99.

About the game:

A fun, fast-paced card game featuring the spooky-cute characters from Funko’s Boo Hollow! Play Pumpkin cards to throw Pumpkins at the other players, but watch out—they can play cards right back! Roll the special die to grab more Pumpkins, or dodge out of the way at the last second! Whoever gets hit with more Pumpkins takes a Hit card. Get hit three times and your out! Who will be the last one standing?

Interesting Gameplay Features:

★ Based on the Boo Hollow line of mystery figures by Funko, each card features a spooky-cute Boo Hollow character!
★ Silly, fast-paced game plays out in 20 minutes!
★ Even if you’re out of cards, roll the Pumpkin die for a chance to save the day!
★ Play with your whole family—up to 6 people
★ Perfect for any spooky celebration, especially on Halloween night!

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