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Sentima: Sundered Wilds Kickstarter

Castles & Crusades: In the Shadow of Aufstrag First Look on The Gaming Gang Dispatch #914

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This time around, I peek into the boxed adventure set In the Shadow of Aufstrag, for Castles & Crusades, from Troll Lord Games. The set looks to currently be out of print but the 133 page PDF is available at DriveThruRPG for $24.99. Plus the latest tabletop gaming news from Onyx Path Publishing, Darrington Press, Mongoose Publishing, Ares Games, Modiphius Entertainment, and more.

7:08 Tabletop gaming news of the day
28:52 Jeff’s high school gaming club and a brief intermission
46:18 Taking a look inside Castles & Crusades: In the Shadow of Aufstrag
1:33:56 Wrapping up

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