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Chaosium Announces New Management Team

Chaosium LogoVenerable RPG company Chaosium had already joined forces with Moon Design Publications and today the management team was announced. This can only be looked at as good news since Chaosium had turned to Kickstarter over the past few years for core releases and to say the company has taken FOREVER to get these products in the hands of backers would be generous; hard copies of the 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu rules were supposed to be released long ago. Currently the company is claiming a Halloween 2015 date.

The announcement:

At GenCon, Chaosium company founder Greg Stafford and long-time creative force Sandy Petersen announced that Moon Design Publications – the team responsible for the revival of Glorantha through the award-winning Guide to Glorantha and – have taken over the management of Chaosium. The new Chaosium team is:

Rick Meints – President, Head of Production
Jeff Richard – Vice President, Creative Director and Licensing
Michael O’Brien – Vice President, Product Development and Community Outreach
Neil Robinson – Chief Financial & Technical Officer
Mike Mason – Line editor for Call of Cthulhu
Lawrence Whitaker and Pete Nash – Line editors for RuneQuest
Ben Monroe, Office Manager
Nick Nacario – Layout, and editor of Wyrms Footnotes
Dustin Wright – Cult of Chaos (Organized Play), customer support

The Chaosium board of directors consists of Greg Stafford, Sandy Petersen, Rick Meints, Jeff Richard, Michael O’Brien and Neil Robinson. Greg Stafford is Chairman of the Board. Greg and Sandy are also Creative Consultants to Chaosium.

Jeff McAleer

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