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Columbia Games Announces Five Days of Special Prices!

Columbia Games has announced their special prices from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday (November 25th-29th) and you can easily save dough on some of the most popular, and best received games, such as Hammer of the Scots ($49.99), Richard III: Wars of the Roses ($49.99), and their newest release, Julius Caesar ($54.99)!
All in all, there are well over 30 titles available for big savings for a very limited time. If you’re a fan of wargames now is the time to stock up on some great releases from one of the premiere strategy game companies in the world!

From Columbia, here are the items on sale – All Prices are US:


Quebec 1759 $34.99

War of 1812 $34.99

Computer EastFront $29.99

Liberty: American Revolution $39.99

Athens & Sparta $59.99

Julius Caesar $54.99

Hammer of the Scots $49.99

Richard III: Wars of the Roses $49.99

Napoleon $39.99

Crusader Rex $49.99

Bobby Lee $44.99

Sam Grant $44.99

Gettysburg: Badges of Courage $69.99

Pacific Victory $49.99

Eastfront 2 $89.95

Westfront 2 $89.95

Eurofront 2 $89.95

Rommel in the Desert $49.99

Victory (Base Game) $34.99

HarnMaster Third Edition $24.99

HarnMaster Third Edition Light $6.99

HarnPlayer Third Edition $19.99

HarnMaster Magic $19.99

HarnMaster Religion $19.99

HarnManor $19.99

HarnMaster Barbarians $19.99

The Fragment: A Harn Novel $4.99

Chybisa $12.99

Kiraz $12.99

Castles of Orbaal $12.99

Dead of Winter $11.99

100 Bushels of Rye $12.99

Curse of H’len $9.99

Nasty, Brutish & Short $9.99

Web of the Widow CD-ROM $6.99

Electronic Atlas: Kanday $19.99

Wizard Kings 2nd Ed. (Base Game) $39.99

Heroes and Treasures Expansion $7.99

The Map from Columbia's Latest: Julius Caesar
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