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Cubicle 7 Entertainment Announce Broken Weave for 2023

Cubicle 7 Entertainment has announced a brand new fantasy IP is going to arrive as an RPG in 2023. There aren’t a ton of details available just yet for Broken Weave but as things develop stay tuned to TGG for more reveals. C7’s own Dominic McDowall shared a bit more about the game in our Gen Con 2022 interview right here.

About Broken Weave:

The Weave is Broken

The weave of magic is broken. The gods are dead, the lands are shattered, and the world has begun to forget what it once was. Time and distance have lost their meaning, the knowledge of how things once were drifts away like smoke, and those who remain struggle to live in a shattered world.

But all is not lost. Community, hope, and trust in one another can remake the world. Walking the old forgotten paths gives them permanence, fractured artefacts from before spark memories of what once was, and communities gather to create a new way of life.

Broken Weave is a tragic fantasy setting, where hope and community are the only path to creating something new. Broken Weave is coming in 2023, and will follow the release of Victoriana — another original IP and setting from Cubicle 7.

Broken Weave Art Cubicle 7 Entertainment)

Jeff McAleer

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