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Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Now on Kickstarter

Tunnels & Trolls KickstarterThe venerable classic RPG Tunnels & Trolls is getting an upgrade and lots of fresh polish as Flying Buffalo Games has launched a Kickstarter project for a deluxe edition of the game. This ninth incarnation promises to be at least 200 pages long with “new rules, including new options for character creation, better methods of character development, new playable kindreds, and new personas like Paragon, Specialist and Citizen.” What makes this a mighty interesting endeavor is the fact the original design team of  Ken St Andre, Liz Danforth, and Bear Peters are joining forces once again with Rick Loomis and that has the RPG community excited as the project has already rocketed past it’s funding goal of $26,000. Rick indicates a worse case scenario release of August 2013, but the game plan is to have the title ready for this year’s Origins.

Your opportunity to back the new T&T project runs through February 5th.

From Flying Buffalo:

When it was first published in 1975, Tunnels & Trolls opened up the role-playing game genre, showing that these games could encompass a multiplicity of ways to make this segment of the game hobby exciting. Today hundreds of diverse RPGs explore every genre, every play style, and serve every player. T&T led the way first.

In the 37 years since then, T&T has seen eight major editions with many accessory adventures and supplements. The game has been published worldwide, including translations into French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and even Finnish. It had two computer games created for it, and it has influenced other games time and again. A lively fan community shares their love of the game in blogs and forums. Fan publications abound, licensed and approved by the original designer and publisher. Tunnels & Trolls is a solid substantive game that has weathered the years, worldwide, and thrived.

Now we’re back for more.

T&T ArtIn T&T, your heroes might shine or stumble, they might seek adventure in dark alleys … or for some, adventure comes knocking on the round front door with a kazoo band led by red-suited monkeys!

We want to throw wide open the gate of possibilities once more. The original team that put together T&T has reunited: Ken St Andre, Liz Danforth, and Bear Peters are working together with Rick Loomis of Flying Buffalo and graphic genius Steve Crompton. Our dream is to create the best version of Tunnels & Trolls yet seen.

The minimum we intend to deliver is a book of at least 200 pages (and possibly a lot more) wherein designer Ken St Andre lays out new rules, including new options for character creation, better methods of character development, new playable kindreds, and new personas like Paragon, Specialist and Citizen.

Further, the book offers the players access to rich, deep world development as never before. Deluxe T&T reveals the Trollworld, as known to the original players, in detail for the first time, and whole continents previously unknown are defined. Steve Crompton has created a beautiful, definitive map assembled from every initial resource available. The book gets a complete graphic make-over, including new art and old favorites, and a new cover painted by Liz Danforth.

The game will play much the same as it did in the 70s and 80s, and be backwards compatible to existing modules and adventures. It will still be fun, lightweight and customizable. It remains a great way to introduce new players to fantasy role-playing while offering a system robust enough to support long-term campaigns. You will still be able to play with friends face to face, or using any of the virtual tabletop hosts. And you can still play the solitaire adventures when you have a little time to kill and no one else to play with.

We believe the game is better and stronger as a system than it used to be. No matter who or where or how you play, Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls will have the power to carry you away.

Or at least, that’s the plan.

Jeff McAleer

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