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Sentima: Sundered Wilds Kickstarter

Dungeon Fantasy Delvers to Grow Nears Kickstarter Goal

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Dungeon Fantasy Delvers to Grow (Gaming Ballistic)Delvers to Grow (Gaming Ballistic)Gaming Ballistic has a new roleplaying supplement for Dungeon Fantasy, from Steve Jackson Games, up for crowdfunding. Delvers to Grow provides rules and materials to modularly create Nordic characters as well as a full fledged adventure. The project is nearing its Kickstarter goal and you can reserve a physical copy, with PDFs, for a $70.00 pledge or grab the PDFs alone for a $40.00 pledge through May 25th. Expected delivery is this September.

About the project:

Zero-to-Hero with the Dungeon Fantasy RPG 

Even the mightiest delver started somewhere. An apprentice, a squire or man-at-arms, a backup singer with The Backstreet Bards.

Delvers to Grow allows you to take the part of those starting characters, supporting starting play as low as 62 points.  Delvers to Grow provides pre-built modules and packages enabling a player to create a capable, playable character in minutes. 

Get gaming. Fast.

Fully compatible with the professional template system in the Dungeon Fantasy RPG Adventurers book, Delvers to Grow lets you start much earlier in the hero’s journey, letting both players and GMs ease into the full breadth of capability that the professional delvers of the Dungeon Fantasy RPG bring to the table.

Explore different challenges or use the modules to effortlessly assemble henchmen…or create a starting character to replace the dearly departed.

The Delvers to Grow project contains four volumes: the construction portions plus three example books. These detail how each of the 12 professions treated in the “build-a-Björn” construction book grow from a 62-point novice to a 187-point master.

  • Delvers to Grow. The main volume contains the building blocks to quickly make characters based on 62, 125, and 187-point templates…conveniently matching the values for Hirelings from Exploits. Choose a base template, add basic and advanced professional modules, upgrade the character to make them unique, and then choose disadvantage packages. Loadouts and spell lists are also given the package-deal treatment, to allow fast selection of key equipment and thematic powers. 
  •  Fast Delvers. The thief, martial artist, swashbuckler, and scout specialize in precision and deadly accuracy. The Fast Delvers book provides examples for each template and profession. 16 pages.
  •  Smart Delvers. Spellcasters here! The bard, cleric, druid, and wizard get the Delvers to Grow treatment. Smart Delvers gives examples for creating and tuning spellcasters. 16 pages.
  •  Strong Delvers. Want to be a mountain of meat? You can be. The barbarian, holy warrior,  knight, and wrestler professions get the workout, the loadout, and the keen edge they need to hit the dungeon fast. 16 pages.

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