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Amethyst 5E Kickstarter

Embark on Adventure at a Dark Carnival in Heckna!

Heckna! (Hit Point Press)Following a successful Kickstarter, Hit Point Press is now taking orders for Heckna! The 5E adventure takes players into a dark carnival where many enter but few ever leave. You can preorder either the boxed set , which includes plenty of extra goodies, for $99.99 or just the hardcover book alone for $54.99. These include the PDF but if you just want the digital edition that’s available for $29.99.

About the adventure:

Heckna! is 5e adventure story designed to take characters through levels 1 to 10. This book is both a setting and a campaign guide with plenty of replayability. Game Masters and players alike will delight in this whimsical, dark carnival setting.

This is a book that combines dark fantasy and fun, campy escapades. It’s designed for players ages 14 and up. However, it’s very easy to adjust the tone and the atmosphere for your party. There’s plenty here that will satisfy horror fans, and just as much that will entice fans of humor and whimsy.

Welcome to the carnival, where we are always smiling…

The sounds of revelry drift through the dark, cold forest, drawing wayward travelers to a place where the senses are delightfully and bewilderingly overwhelmed. Peering out from the top of the conifers is the blood-red spire of The Revelia, where wonder and fun awaits!

But underneath the sparkling lights and gleaming facade is a sinister underbelly of chaos and terror. The magical Revelia is the work of Heckna, a creative mastermind masquerading as a jovial ringleader. Some, however, are aware of Heckna’s ruse, including a hunter who will stop at nothing to dispatch Heckna — and destroy The Revelia — once and for all.

Travelers may believe that they find The Revelia by chance, but in fact, Heckna goes to great lengths to lure only the best and brightest to his carnival in his search for greater, more spectacular challenges. Many have tried — and failed — to escape from this carnival, but with the right brains, brawn, and alliances, even Heckna can be outmaneuvered.

Will characters see through the glitzy and glamorous charade, or fall prey to Heckna’s relentless torment and become a permanent member of The Revelia?

Jeff McAleer

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