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Family Friendly ‘Grackles’ Arrives This August from Fireside Games

Grackles (Fireside Games)The second summer Fireside Games release is one which will certainly  appeal to abstract/family gamers. In Grackles, two to four players will look to string together the most birds along telephone line in order to be declared the winner. The game is for ages 10+, plays in about 30 minutes, and will carry an MSRP of $39.95 when it hit stores August 1st.

From Fireside:

In this lightly themed abstract strategy game, you’ll line up as many of your birds on the telephone wire to score as many points as possible. Each turn, players choose between drawing and placing a tile, connecting 2 spots on the telephone wire with their birds, extending a line of birds, or rotating an empty tile. After the board has been built to 5 tiles by 5 tiles and all available pairs of spots on the telephone wire have birds on them, the player with the most birds on the telephone wire is the winner.

Each turn, players choose 1 of these 4 actions:

  • place a tile with 4 colored spots on telephone wire,
  • connect 2 of their colored spots with their matching birds,
  • extend a line of birds they laid down,
  • or rotate an unoccupied tile.

Grackles includes 180 acrylic, debossed bird tokens.

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