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Fireball Mobile Roleplaying Game App Kickstarter has Launched

Czech developers Fireball look to crowdfund a titular app

Fireball App LaunchA new mobile app for iOS and Android is looking for crowdfunding for Czech developers Fireball and the Kickstarter project launched earlier today. The Fireball RPG app allows for GMs and players to gather together remotely to enjoy OGL fantasy adventures. You can support the project for as little as $2.00 and expected delivery is September 2020.

About Fireball:

Fireball RPG is a fantasy role-playing mobile app.

Are you familiar with tabletop RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder? The concept of Fireball is pretty similar, it will only make role-playing much easier and even more enjoyable. All rules will be automated and you will be able to play with your friends the whole day long. All that just a few taps away on your phone. 

Not familiar with role-playing? It’s simple, just imagine five people narrating a story together. The Game Master will outline the situation and surroundings: “You, four heroes, finally opened the door, the room is on fire, smoke is everywhere.” One of the players responds: “Uh! I hold my nose and slowly proceed into the building. What do I see?” And it might go on and on.

The Game Master is the narrator and referee, players role-play their hero characters by describing what they do and say. Sometimes you might need to roll a dice to see the outcome of your action, other times you might even fight in a battle or resolve a riddle.

The most important thing? You will experience unforgettable adventures and have fun, both with your friends. Let’s be real here, friends who slay a dragon together, stay together, no doubt about that!

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