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First Look at the Iron Falcon RPG on The Gaming Gang Dispatch #741

Jeff peeks at the OD&D retroclone Iron Falcon

I take a first look at, and page through, both the Iron Falcon roleplaying game and its adventure compendium from Chris Gonnerman as the “Old School for the New Year” celebration continues. The 148 page core book is available in print through Amazon for $8.75 or for free in PDF at DriveThruRPG. The adventure compendium can be had through Amazon for $7.50 or score the PDF free over at the Iron Falcon site. Plus the latest tabletop gaming news from Bloat Games, Mongoose Publishing, Tabula Games, Free League Publishing, Sinister Fish Games, and more.

7:10 Tabletop gaming news of the day
36:26 Taking a look at Iron Falcon
57:32 Diving into the Iron Falcon adventure compilation
1:07:12 Wrapping up

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Jeff McAleer

Founder/Editor-in-chief of The Gaming Gang website and host of The Gaming Gang Dispatch and other TGG media, Jeff tackles any and all sorts of games but has a special fondness for strategy, conflict sims, and roleplaying games. Plus, he's certainly never at a loss for an opinion...

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