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‘Fragged Empire’ RPG Hits by Way of Modiphius Entertainment

Fragged Empire Core Rule Book (Modiphius Entertainment/Design Ministries)Modiphius Entertainment continues to crank out the RPG goodies and this time out it’s the Fragged Empire Roleplaying Game, from Design Ministries. The books look really sharp and the system comes across as an interesting setting. There are four releases (as you’ll read below) but to get started you can grab the 384 page hardcover and PDF corebook bundle for an MSRP of $58.99 or the PDF alone for $27.99.

From Modiphius:

“Betrayed by your creators, you are a genetically engineered remnant emerging from the ruin of genocidal war…”
We are very pleased to announce the first releases for the Fragged Empire roleplaying game –  a much anticipated quartet, which ushers in a new wave of far future sci-fi adventure for the new year.

Fragged Empire is the far future indie RPG from by Wade Dyer of Design Ministries, which chronicles the fate of four non-human races as they seek to build a new society and begin life again amongst the stars, after barely surviving a genocidal war.
The Fragged Empire Core Book features the core Fragged Empire experience, an adaptable rule system, with nonlinear character progression & tactical miniature combat, all set in a deep post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting that explores themes of cultural tension, genetic engineering & exploration. 
After emerging from a century of brutal tribalism & savagery following a terrible war – players will explore this brave new universe of scintillating sci-fi adventure. After emerging from a century of brutal tribalism & savagery following a terrible war – players will explore this brave new universe of scintillating sci-fi adventure.  Also available in PDF
The first Fragged Empire Adventure Let Sleeping Gods Lie features the  crew of The Ransom  who are hired by a Corp contact to salvage the remains of a living Nephilim Warship which recently floated out of the Monopoly Asteroid –  but they soon learn ancient warships are not to be trifled with, and this one isn’t dead, merely hibernating. Also available in PDF
Adding even more depth to the Fragged Empire package is a  Gamesmaster’s Screen featuring all the essential Fragged Empire rules and tables, plus a handsome Fragged Empire Dice Set allowing players to make those critical rolls in this fantastic far future RPG.
Designer Wade Dyer has been working on the Fragged Empire RPG game for over four years and this release follows a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign where 1,265 backers pledged $113,975 to help bring the Fragged Empire project come to life.
Wade is also bringing his keen eye for design to the project, saying, “I really want the art in my book to show two things. Firstly, it needs to convey the tone of the setting; beautiful, modern, detailed, subtle depth, but vibrant & fun. That mix of energy & grit. Secondly, it needs to convey the passionate craftsmanship that has gone into this book.”


The Fragged Empire Core Book and Let Sleeping Gods Lie adventure are launching in stores this month with a second adventure, Genetic Spectres due in February and the hardback Antagonist Archive in March. 
We hope you enjoy exploring this brand new sci-fi adventure this New Year!
Jeff McAleer

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